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Worst guests so far


We just had 4 early 20s dudes stay here. The first night they woke us up as they were going through our garage (not part of the airbnb and we told them not to go in there in the welcome message) and out the side door near our bedroom and neighbor’s to smoke weed and yell/talk/party. We have a no smoking rule. We also have a quiet time after 10 rule (it was 1:30am). My husband went down and told them they cannot be so loud, smoking, and going through the garage, etc… They apologized profusely and said it would be the only warning needed.

We’ve never had people be so blatantly disrespectful. We live in the apt upstairs and the airbnb is right below us.

The second day they were talking SO loudly about girls they’ve had sex with that it sounded like they were in my living room. It made me so uncomfortable but it was within normal hours.

We were surprised that they didn’t wake us up the second night but they made up for it their last night.

At 4:30AM I heard the drunk bros yell talking. I got up, heard a woman’s voice which means they had invited someone over late night - they were already at our maximum number of guests (4) so they have an additional person (at least 1 that we know) that they didn’t pay for.

I have never had to be so blunt with a guest but I texted and said “It’s 4:30 am and i have to get up for work in 2 hours. You need to keep it down. You can’t have an additional guest without prior approval. Checkout is at 10am”

I sent that message just to have a paper trail but my husband went down and told them to be quiet again.

Well, they did leave at check out time but we found disgusting sheets with huge blood stains on them (they didn’t warn us). It even stained the mattress protector. Pieces of the fridge (shelves) were just on the kitchen floor (why??!!), we found random screws on the kitchen counter and we’re not sure what they broke or what they belong to yet.

They left the place a mess: towels, sheets, pillows everywhere. Food left out in a garbage container that they didn’t close. Left a bunch of their own personal items behind (i.e. electric tooth brush, tooth paste, )

Normally I would say a stained sheet is a cost of doing business but these guys were terrible to deal with and they had an additional guest. Would you file a claim in the resolution center?

I want to file a claim for the sheet, the mattress protector and for the additional guest but am not sure what to charge for that.

I’m going to leave an honest review too. i.e. “We do not recommend hosting x and his friends. They treated our apartment as a party house and ignored our house rules. They went into parts of the house that we asked them not to/ were not part of the airbnb. They damaged several items in our apartment and didn’t let us know and had additional guests that weren’t approved.”

My biggest regret is not just trying to go through air to have them kicked out after they disrespected rules on day 1 and that we gave them a second chance.

What would you do?


Exactly what you are doing. People like this need to never use Airbnb again. A review like that will seal their fate.


Thanks! You always reply so quickly and I appreciate your advice. Would you file the claim too? This will be a first time for me.


Yes absolutely. File it. They probably won’t leave a review after behaving so badly but just in case, leave your at the last second.

Sorry you had this. They are little sh8ts who should not be be renting.


Thanks! For the additional guest should I just do our normal additional guest fee?


Yes, include that in the res center request. I hope,you took pics before you cleaned up. What losers!


we did! gross disgusting pics… but we got em!


So sorry this happened to you! I just can’t even fathom leaving someone’s home in such terrible shape or disrespecting a host or the neighbors in such a way.


Update: he sent half of the requested amount. We requested $90 - for the sheets and the mattress protector and also the additional guest. He tried to blame the dehumidifier for causing him to have a bloody nose. We didn’t request anything for the fridge pieces broken off because we were able to reattach them. Should I send him a message or involve air at this point? Thanks for any advice!


Not to mention his nose bleed story is BS. That would happen on a pillow, not middle of the bed. amiright? I’m guessing he’s trying to cover for possibly cheating on his GF who is in the profile pic.


He offered half? Decline it. This isn’t a Moroccan bazaar. Get Airbnb involved.

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