Worst Guest Ever

I’ve had my fair share of guests who left messages or violated a house rule, but my last long term guest takes the cake. She moved in after trying to negotiate around airbnb and pay cash. Then she took off for 5 days with no communication leaving me nervous that she had the code to the door and was not responding to messages. When she returned her schedule was crazy so I hardly ever saw her and every attempt to cover house rules was met with “I’m running late we’ll do it later”. Later turned to never. She spattered food all over the kitchen, clogged the coffee pot which I can’t get to brew correctly anymore, left the house open and unlocked twice, used the shared bathroom during the time I have reserved (6:45am to 7:00am) making me late to work several times, blocked my driveway making me late for an appointment, and upon checkout notified me that she had nowhere to go and needed to stay 3 hours past checkout time, let my indoor cat out and texted me two hours later to tell me, used my laundry detergent despite long term guest rules of providing their own, covered my laundry room in little bits of toilet paper, left marks all over the hallway walls, left the windows open in winter, and… left a huge stain in the carpet next to the bed. I gave her a bad review and contacted her about the stain and she is refusing to pay and I have resolution center working on it with no hopes of recouping the cost of a professional carpet cleaner. It’s the cost of doing business but I’m peeved that she didn’t notify me when she spilled what appears to be oily raman noodle water/soy sauce on the carpet.
Thinking of changing my policy for long term guests that will give me weekly access to the room to check for damage. I hesitate to do this as most of my guests have been amazing, but it takes one bad apple to ruin it for everyone.

Wow, this is like ‘Home Alone - the AirBnB remake’!

Congrats for managing not to badmouth in a subjective way this guests while writing this post. Your Zen level is admirable! :wink:


Are you able to see if the windows are open without entering the room?

At the minimum I would let guests know that you will enter the room once a week to change their sheets and make the bed. But I would be doing this for myself as I wouldn’t want my long term guests washing sheets and towels that have been stained with food/liquid.

I think you started this whole relationship off incorrectly. For a long term tenant, you can’t do self checkin. You need to arrange the time for a house orientation, especially a guest who has already “told” you through their actions that rules don’t apply to them.

I would not have accepted a guest who wanted to pay outside the AirBNB system. I consider this a huge red flag.


A massive red flag!!

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I chalk it up to language and cultural barrier… most of my guests from this certain part of the world always ask to pay outside of airbnb and I always say no. They always take liberties too, however I’m not going to discriminate against a certain nationality.
Normally I do a check in and walk through of the house and rules- she arrived 3 hours later than she planned and at 10:30pm I was ready for bed. It’s certainly a learning experience and next time I’ll be firmer in my check in expectations.

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Sympathies. This was a bad bad guest.

I’m having my first long term guests today (stay 4 weeks, previous stays were at most 2 weeks). We agreed I change linen and towels twice during the stay, so I have the chance to check the condition of the property. Maybe you can offer to change linens once in a while so you can have an idea of how your guest treat the room? (My place is entire house so the only way I can have access during guest stay is to change linens/add supplies :slight_smile:

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