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Work trips category


My smartbnb.io market report this morning shows that I’ve fallen in search ranking for two people and more than one night and I’ve completely disappeared in search for many nights.

I’m a bit alarmed by this so I dink around with my listing, double check my settings, make sure I didn’t click something inadvertently when updating on the 22nd. In doing a an incognito search in the new “for work” category, no dates or number of guests, just a look to see what’s available I see there are only 29 homes so categorized so far. I am in the #1 slot on that page. I expect the number of “for work” listings to go up as people realize the filter exists and they modify their listings to qualify. But that is a good low number and at least two of those appear to be in Juarez, Mexico.

I would like to appear in searches for two people and for more than one night. If tomorrow’s report still shows I’m only showing up for one night stays I’ll be emailing them. I bet they are innundated right now.


Did you see that Pierre reported some trouble with the market search since February 22? I am not a subscriber but in his post he said he was working on fixing it, so maybe it’s having to do with that??


Oh, I didn’t see that thanks. Maybe it’s on his end. I did a search for 2 people for 3 nights my market report says I’m not showing and I did show in the incognito search so I think I’m ok. Now I can just be happy about the “for work” category.


I think the work requirements changed to “allow luggage drop off” this is a new requirement correct?




Just based on looking at photos of you next to your competition, one of the things that sells yours is that AC unit above the bed!! I mean that makes it beyond clear that it will be a comfortable place to stay no matter how hot it gets!


When I get those ugly “X’s”, I go to my calendar block those nights, and then about 15 minutes later, open them back up. This has always resulted in success! Pierre says that this is not a fix for everyone, but it has worked for me every time.

My market report has not been affected, but many folks over on Facebook have entire weeks with the dreaded “X.”


Thanks for the tip! When you go a couple of days with no bookings or requests it does make you wonder.


BTW, I checked luggage drop off because I think I can accommodate it. But if I start getting requests that don’t match my schedule or complaints about whatever I offer in the way of drop off then I’ll take it back off.


The luggage drop off thing… does that apply ONLY to the business guests? Or by checking that off do you have to give it to all guests?
I wondered the same thing with the 24 hour check in requirement, so removed Business ready. Not that I get many business travelers anyway. Only two in eight years of hosting… researchers here for the (later contained) dengue outbreak.


No idea.

Thing is most guests here have their own car so that greatly reduces need for luggage drop off or storage. I have never had a single request for it. So I’m going to try it.

And I saw that the 24 hour check in allowed is going away as an option in April. I think Air has realized how unworkable that is.


When that happens, then I will tick that last checkbox for “business ready.”


I think that has already gone away as a setting. I’m wondering if they are just running out all the existing reservations on that setting. Self check in has to be allowed to be in the “for work” category. I don’t think hosts select themselves for business ready. It’s now called “for work” and Airbnb picks you based on your settings.


In order for me to be business ready, the requirement is to change my strict cancellation policy, even tho they have kindly changed the goalposts already- that’s not happening!


Hi @smtucker,

Excuse me for butting in , but what are the ugly Xs? This doesn’t ring a bell.

Hi @Brandt,

Does this refer to luggage drop-off prior to check-in? I’ve not seen this - what does the wording say?


See the original post where @K9KarmaCasa posted her market report. If you do not subscribe to @smartbnb.io you won’t get a morning market report. Times like the ugly “X’s” I am grateful for that report.


Hi @smtucker,

Oh, so that’s some smartbnb specific thing. I should have realised. Can someone tell me what the X’s mean, please? And no, I don’t currently subscribe to smartbnb, though I’ve thought of doing so. Does it help with position/visibility tracking?


It means that your listing is not in that day’s search results even though the days are unbooked.


Oh, I see. That’s clearly not good. Thank you for the explanation.


I don’t think anyone knows, well outside of AirBNB. I disappeared from both searches and the map about a year ago and it was “AirBNB’s GeoLocator” at fault. It took me about 2 weeks of phone calls and emails to my case manager to get this GeoCode reset. I consider myself lucky. Other hosts have called about their MIA listings and have not gotten a response that makes their listing reappear.

AirBNB is a really closed system. Not everything works nor does everything make sense.

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