Woohoo! First Repeat booking!

A while ago I had this really lovely older couple who came to the area to visit their parents who were in a nursing home. They were just so nice and so appreciative. And they contacted me and they’re coming back. I am so happy because I have provided good enough service that people want to come back. These kinds of things aside from money really are what make this worthwhile for me.


Yay for you!!! …

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GREAT JOB! :+1::champagne::grinning:
As a new host, I look forward to the day I have that happen!

You are a @happylittlehost, indeed - THAT is what keeps people coming back, not the quality of your welcome gift.

Congrats, me dear - you earned it!

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Hi Happy… Thats great to hear… Its a real boost to your confidence when that happens as it proves that you are doing it right :)… We have only been hosting for about 4 months but have 1 regular weekly guest and another 2 frequent ones ( staying for work)… We also have had 3 others who have already stayed a second time with us… As we are still fairly new to airbnb we are very pleased that it has gone so well, so far:scream::!!:…We have been lucky enough to have met some really lovely people and have all positive experiences but I guess it would be very naive to expect it to always work so well! … Anyway, Well done to you and may you have many more repeat bookings in the future:clap: :sunglasses:

Returning guests are the best, they know what to expect and will be happy with every improvement you made.

Have tehy booked trough AirBnB, or did they conact you directly?


Yeah, to build on Chris, give them your contact info and have them book directly in the future. They get a discount and you possible make more!

Well done. Repeat customers are gold. Look after them. Acknowledge their loyalty.

How do others reward repeat customers? Wine, Champagne, free tickets? Would love to hear some ideas from fellow hosts.


LOL the only welcome gift that I give them is a house manual that sets down the expectations for them. And now I have started to say to them that I expect my guests to let me know if there is any defect in their room because I know that it is not comfortable to stay in a place that you think is dirty in any way. In order to express this fully I point out that if you were in a hotel and there was a defect in your room you would let the management know right away and they would send the maid . It’s no different here . I’m human and I could easily miss something in your room . I let them know right away that this is not a hotel but at home stay and that’s different.

They book directly through Air B&B. I know that I could make more otherwise but I think I really prefer having everyone book through whatever service it is at their booking through. And this is because I don’t want to handle the money or have to deal with enforcing cancellation policies. And then if there is damage or something like that I can ask Airbnb for help.

The other thing is that I don’t like breaking rules. When I break a rule I always worry someone will find out and not only that but these people then have something to hold over me and they could contact Airbnb and tell them that they booked the room directly through me. Breaking that rule could result in my listing being delisted and I don’t want that to happen.


It is not about making more. I do not make more when people book direct, the guests saves money.
The big advantage is that I am in control, and not a money grubbing 3rd party that does not care about the host.
I get the down payment, I can collect a security deposit, I can decide what to do with a cancellation.

And the damages, yes, that is smart marketing from AirBnB. Putting fear into the host, and make them think AirBnB will help them. In reality AirBnB does very little, and you have to put a lot of energy in getting any help from AirBnB.

You are not breaking any rules, after the last trip ended. You are not obliged to take them trough AirBnB again.
They could also use a different booking service.

Would you tell your guest: “Sorry, you cannot book trough homaway, last time you booked trough AirBnB so you have to book trough AirBnB again”.

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You are not breaking any rules. It’s up to you of course how to run your business, but Airbnb did not contract you forever. Your guests can book through you directly at any time if they are repeated guests. You are making the same but your guests pay 13% more with third party involved.
There are many easy ways how to handle money and it’s very very easy to take payments from guests. First everyone’s favorite is cash. Second cashier checks, or money orders, and third, credit cards. One or 2 paid me with cards. I charge them 4% credit card processing fees. To register with card processing company is very easy, it takes 5 minutes. And here you are in your own business.
I dont rent through Airbnb since June, so it makes it 4 months already. Not that i dont want to, but competition is so huge and summer is slow season, that i have zero interest from Air guests.
I use other sources like Craigs list, and few contacted me through VRBO, but i dont want them to book through the site and tell them to pay me directly. I had bad experience with back charge, and dont do it anymore. They give card number over the phone, i charge a deposit, and then upon arrival they give me cash or money order, and damage deposit.

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I apologize. Reading over my statements makes it look like I’m telling you you’re doing something wrong. I was just saying what my preferences and not trying to tell you that you’re wrong or anything. In fact the more you explain it the more it sounds like the best way to go and I think that I will be following some of that advice in the near future. Thanks for sharing your experience I appreciate it.


Half my guests now contact me direct, yet I still wish they went through Airbnb and do reffer most to them, even at a 5% cost; less hassle, no need for money to be mention between us. Many rather book direct because they don’t have to pay 100% up front like with Airbnb.

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