Wonder what this guy did to get excommunicated from Airbnb

Has anyone ever received this message from airbnb?
Hi xxxxxx,

We hope this message finds you well. Reservation HM44F9P44C with xxxxxx has been canceled in our system. This reservation was set to start on 2021-09-24.
Unfortunately, we’ve received quality assurance information regarding this guest and we’re no longer able to support them as a member of our Airbnb community. Your calendar should now be open for the affected dates.

We’ve also reached out to xxxxxxv, to let them know this is no longer an active reservation. We’ve refunded them in full and they are aware that we’ve let you know about this cancellation.
Please know that Airbnb would never attempt to act in a manner that would compromise you as a host, and situations like these are very rare. We truly apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Best regards,

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Well that’s interesting. Someone dinged them in a review or a pre-booking message. Nice that Air refunded money you haven’t even seen… As an in-home host, I’m happy to see this.

My most recent pre-booking messages got flagged by Air because they “seemed suspicious.” Neither were. One guest tried to put in a URL to their work (a nearby nursing college) and the other put in numbers for directions.

I’m happy to see AirBnB finally stepping up on security, but the bots need a bit of work.


My guess would be that he submitted fraudulent payment. I doubt they would act on a review.


I think it would be more than just another host flagging them in a message or dinging in a review. They’d probably have to have actually been reported to Airbnb for trashing a house, cooking up meth, trying to squat, theft, etc.

Or, as mentioned, their credit card was found to stolen or invalid.

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I agree with @Lynick4442 and @muddy. The guest violated some Airbnb policy handled by the “trust & safety” team. This could include lots of things, including fraud, party ban, violence/intimidation, discrimination, past criminal history, etc.

Of course, just as with hosts that get “excommunicated”, Airbnb’s actions could be unfair and based solely on lies told by other parties involved.

Over the years I had a few of them.

In my case most of the time they are “travel agents”. Making 3rd party bookings.

Me too but as the guest isn’t coming anyway, I’ve never bothered to find out what the problem is. :slight_smile:

Airbnb deleted his account including any messages I had with him. They will not give a reason for their decision. I was just curious.

Yes, I’ve recieved two in the past four years. I imagined that perhaps they were involved in some type of criminal activity or on a sex offender list. I’m glad the system flagged them and removed their reservation request.