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Wishful thinking

I would love to have a button to indicate if a review did not meet my personal experience with a guest so the next host would have a heads-up. We can’t change our reviews but a setting of expectations would be nice.

The Chrome add in I have that let me see guest reviews of prior hosts no longer works.

I just received a review from a guest that didn’t match our conversations. While it had some positives it was equally complaining. Plus she complained about a 90 day old Serta mattress as needing replacement. What?

And complained about difficulty in access to the gated neighborhood but she failed to answer my calls & texts when she had not arrived at the scheduled time and she didn’t call me to let me know there was a problem. She complained about me when really the responsibility was her’s.

It was very long. I’m guessing she spent two hours or more on it.

It frequently stops working but then they get it back up again! I’m sure it will come back!

And I’m sorry for the disappointing review. People can be so unreasonable.

Edit to add: for the AirReview extension, if you write them and let them know that it’s not working for you, they will help. And if it’s a general outage, they will let you know when it comes back up.

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remove the Chrome extensions and then re-add. It should work. You can always reply to a guest’s review, but keep it short and factual.

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Even without Air Review, you can still read reviews the guest has left for other hosts, it’s just more time consuming. Click on the profile photo of the host that left a review for that guest, which will take you to the host’s profile page. Scroll through the host’s reviews from guests until you find a review left by that guest.


I think you can respond to a guest’s feedback, but without much emotion. Be serious.

I’d be interested to know why you think this is a good idea?

This is what I used to do before AirReview. It is indeed still possible, though a pain if the host has hundreds or thousands of reviews.

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A guest whining about a mattress sounds like Goldilocks with a credit card.

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So, here’s yet another reason to always leave every guest a review - wait to the last minute if it makes you feel better, but always always leave a review. I’m putting this out there for hosts who have recently said they would wait for the guest to review and may not review every guest.

I was browsing some other listings in my neighborhood this morning, as I do sometimes. There is one not far from me with the same general amenities/space. They had a truly bizarre and disconcerting review from a recent guest that caught my eye (probably because they responded to it, though I understand why they did). It was not typical of their usual excellent reviews and the guest seemed bonkers, it was a nightmarish review. I clicked on the guest profile and noticed that she comes to the neighborhood a few times a year (likely has a kid at one of the colleges). Eeek, I hope she doesn’t book with me…but surely I would be warned by this review she wrote, no?

No, I wouldn’t, because I also noticed that these hosts had not left her a review at all. I would not want to host this nutty guest but would not have been warned about her two-fold: they didn’t leave a review for her that I would get to read but because they didn’t leave a review for her, I would not have normally seen her review that she wrote for them either.

We have to stop passing around these guests, please write reviews :pleading_face:


Hear hear hear hear :slight_smile:


In the education field it was called “pass the trash.”

There are many hosts with no spines at all, even after the guest leaves. It makes me wonder how they survive on this planet at all.


Yes! If a guest leaves a terriblely unfair review, I’ll never know unless the host leaves a review as well. Otherwise there is no way I can find a record of the stay.


I never knew about AirReview. Installing it now! Thank you!!! ~Anita

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