WIRED Reporter looking to talk to hosts about Airbnb party ban

Less than 1% of their funding comes from the federal government. Accuracy please…

Thank goodness for NPR. When you get ‘news’ media based on profit, you get… Fox News…

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You’re both incorrect. The NPR stations I listen to both specifically mention that “the programming is paid for by listeners like you”. (and I know they mean me)

I know they mean it because they say it a lot, especially in October when they do that big membership drive. And I know they’re right too because we donate every year and even though we donate at a high enough level to get a t-shirt we usually just choose the little pack of stickers instead, thereby making sure more of our donation goes directly to programming costs.

So there.



Yes, 100% of their funding comes from people ‘like us’, but only 1% of that comes thru fed monies granted - a subtle difference form sure - but certainly NPR has not been (in the last 30 years at least) ‘government funded’. Thanks to conspiracy folks who think that somehow quality programming like Sesame Street and Nova is an insidious channeling of ‘woke’ propoganda, this false funding trope shows up.

Reminder what President Obama said - “The government… is us”.

And (last comment) remember that ‘woke’ is a synonym for ‘enlightened’. Woke is only 4 letters, so it is easier for those folks who have trouble with longer words…

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Let me amend my statement to remove the word “funding.” If it weren’t for government, public broadcasting wouldn’t exist. And regardless of the breakdown of the sources of funding now, it’s non profit. I’d like to write a dissertation on the topic but don’t have time.

In any case, I’d be very surprised if any Wired reporter wants to report on how Airbnb exploits hosts.


Clickbait. Yes, I clicked but didn’t scroll. I just wanted the screenshot.

Is there a common thread among all of the hosts who are having issues getting timely payouts?

We always get a message on the day after check-in that they’ve released $xxx.xx to our bank. And then I get the bank message same day or next business day that a deposit occurred for that amount.

Knock on wood.

As a former journalist I would say that sounds more like a list of host whinges than a story @HostAirbnbVRBO

I’ve also never had an issue getting paid. A few times they didn’t release the payment the day after check in, it was a couple days later. One weird tech glitch though, is that it will often still say “Processing” after it has already appeared in my bank account.

It would be interesting to know if there is some common denominator among the hosts who experience non-payment, but the only thing I’ve noticed is that the amounts owed are always in the thousands of dollars, not hundreds, like my payments are.

What I can’t quite understand is why hosts would continue to take bookings if they weren’t receiving payouts. If I had more than one payout not come through, I’d close my calendar until the issue got sorted.


Hmm, I wonder if this is a nationality thing? I live in Australia, like @gillian, and fully half of my guests seem to have profiles that show them partying. I assume because that’s when they are looking glamorous and like the pictures they’ve taken of themselves. And maybe because Aussies like to party?

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Nah mate I’m a huge clickbait fan who loves a good tabloid read, and any of those headlines would get me to click. I laughed out loud at @HostAirbnbVRBO Glenn’s “Heads in Beds: Why Airbnb Wants Hosts to Admit Guests in Their Home but Won’t Even Tell Hosts Their Name.”

But, eh, maybe it’s because I’m an Airbnb host. :wink:


I’m not sure that’s it :grin: @lisanddavid - I live in one of the largest party and festival cities in the UK known for its many festivals - currently over 48 a year .

Because it’s a party city I am really careful about vetting guests at the whole listings I provide co-hosting services for and fortunately haven’t had problem guests in the six years I have been doing this in terms of anti-social behaviour/partying.

I think for my own place, I attract a different type of visitor - those visiting their kids who have moved here, those moving to the city, independent travellers, those coming for a gig/to visit friends /business travellers .

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And those cute fluffy koalas……


Bahaha right? I’ve never seen one in the wild but I’ve heard recordings of their demonic sounds and I swear if someone had asked me to imagine what sound koalas make that would not be my first, or hundredth, guess.