Winter Wonderland

We are facing the strongest winter since 50 years in my area. Temperatures go down from -15°C/5°F to -20°C/-4°F.
We had some problems with the heating, the warm water and the internet - all because of the cold - not to mention the lots of snow. Normally spring starts right now.

Now some guests from Argentina are arriving tomorrow and I was afraid I could not host them due to the inconveniences.

So I called AirBnb and asked if I could relocate them by myself to an AirBNB friend.
…and to my surprise they told me that would be no problem at all. I should not cancel my guests, but make a booking at my friend’s place on my own. They will take the price difference (It’s just €5 per night) and refund it to me.
In contrast to what I read here sometimes - to me the host’s support was always useful.

Finally we got all of the issues fixed today and I’m looking forward to welcoming my guests at our place.


Did the guest agree to the relocation? If i was a guest I would not want to be relocated if the new place didn’t fit my needs.


What guest would complain or question being relocated when they will be deprived of heat, internet and warm water if they stayed?!

No, they didn’t. I didn’t ask them. I just wanted to check up in front what the possibilities are.
I was assuming that another place near by with better amenities and a higher price they don’t have to pay for will work out.
And I would never let a guest stay here when there is no warm water and no heating.


If the new place was in a worse location, condition, amenity package, size, bed layout, space?

As a guest I may want to cancel and or have a say in the new accommodations.

I would have talked to them. It would have been their choice. I just had wanted to make them comfortable. Imagine you are traveling half the globe to reach an unready appartment.
The point is: what do you do if your place is not rentable from one day to another?

My place:


It’s different but not worse.

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I think it was great that you were proactive and thinking of options. I would want to be consulted about the replacement booking but I’d also be very impressed that the host would go to the trouble for me. Just offering me the option would be a kindness. I’m glad it worked out. (I like your place better. :slight_smile: )

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I had a similar good experience with Airbnb. Last summer we had a major forest fire and I wanted to relocate my guests to a hotel. AirBnb was very helpful and gave them a reduction voucher and did object to me putting them into an hotel because there was no suitable alternative on Airbnb of the time.
The guests were lovely too, they gave me a five star rating and mentioned that they were unable to complete this day due to ‘unforseen circumstances…’ Without ever explaining what they were!

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