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Wimdu sending host invoice with net service fee to pay

Wimdu says to hosts, you will receive the amount that you set per night and the guest pays all the wimdu charges.
i jus received an invoice

Did you call customer service? I’ve had a few Wimdu guests but have not seen this.

That is weird. Never seen such a thing.

Are you certain this is a charge being billed to you and not a notice of a charge having been assigned to your guest?

Can you see the address from which the email is coming? You may need to expand the header data to get a clear picture of the actual source.

I just got this too! So weird. I didn’t click through the email but went to my Wimdu dashboard, and there it is in my inbox. It’s from user “Wimdu” and looks legit enough although it’s specific to one listing out of all of my listings. It says my account will be locked if I don’t open the .tf file (which I can’t open anyhow) or pay it.

I just submitted it to Customer Support as a scam, let’s see what they come back with. Also trying the “chat with us” function and it’s not going anywhere… I’ll try calling their NY office later today to see what they say.

So odd!


if you go to profile settings then to invoices. you will see all the invoices with charges. i received invoices for april and may both have charges for every servation i received. Called the hotline, they say you have to send an email

What the heck??!!! Why send an invoice? Why not just take the 3% from the guest booking? So ok, I guess I am not loving Wimdu as much as I thought I did. Looking in my dashboard now.

Guys… I have no such thing in my Wimdu inbox. Please watch for scams. My inbox is full of scam inquiries.

I don’t see anything in mine…

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