Will I get a bump in search from Superhost?

I received my email this morning - I am now a Superhost. :smiley: I was hoping this would bump me up some more in search results but that does not seem to be the case. Is there a time lag between gaining Superhost status and seeing results?

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Nope, not a lot, despite what Airbnb say about “priority placement”. You do have a dedicated search filter where folks can elect to search only for Superhosts.

I suspect, just my opinion though, that it’s actually the inverse; if you lose Superhost then you’ll get a drop. Noticed it with a couple of our competitors who lost it earlier in the year.



Just searching around a while back, I found Airbnb removed the search rank bonus for superhost several years ago.

You can see what they say about it now here


well, if you are superhost for a year they’ll give you 100$ to apply toward a stay of your own. which is pretty awesome.

Yep, just used ours from the summer towards a week in Fez. Happy days.


Haha, this made me laugh. Basically ABB saying Superhost doesn’t get.you anything, but being awesome does … That and a badge :wink:

I just paid, using the $100 trip credit. Heading out this month to spend a weekend NOT thinking about my house, while another host hopefully doesn’t freak out about having a fellow host at HER place. Ha!

And that’s exactly what it is. It’s the same as getting a gold star at school when you’re five :slight_smile:

The only things that are going to help you in search engines are benefits to your property that makes a potential guest book with you easily, Instant Book being the best. Airbnb knows that guests don’t like all that waiting-to-be-approved malarkey. (In fact, many hosts think that Instant Book will be mandatory at some time in the future).

Airbnb wants good reliable hosts that don’t have lengthy approval periods, have very few cancellations and make it easy for the guest to book. If you’re a reliable host, then the SH badge is only really an advantage if a potential guest is searching specifically for superhosts in your area.

Yep, I’m aware. And I like the gold star AKA carrot, better than the stick.


I get a lot of (nervous) new users from being a SH, typically parents of college students. I really like new users and this segment of guests in particular so it seems like a perk to me; however, I know some hosts would rather not get the new users, so there’s that. Otherwise, I have had quite a few guests who booked with me citing my SH status because they had been cancelled on by other hosts. I also enjoy this segment of guests (they are usually alternative in one way or another or very young) so, again a perk to me, but I guess not to the hosts who cancelled on them :woman_shrugging:

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So do I. And I can understand why first time users can be a little nervous. But I love the challenge of making their first Airbnb experience a great one :slight_smile:

I’ve read comments here from many hosts who don’t like first timers as they have no reviews but I’ve found that they are usually splendid guests. In the same way that new hosts are eager to get good reviews, so are new guests. The guests with many reviews can sometimes be a bit jaded with the whole thing and don’t really care very much.


I do too :blush: In the beginning of hosting I was afraid of newbies, and they were probably afraid of me as a new. Ha! Now I find them to be more appreciative and less nitpicky than seasoned ABBers. My guest with the most reviews was the one that told me, among other things, to make post-its for each garbage bag so people knew what to do with it. :thinking: My guests with the least reviews have been special occasions - elopements, family holidays, etc - and I love helping to make their visit a good one. :heart_eyes:


We like new users, too. We’ve had great experiences with them.

My husband enjoys telling new guests (humorously) that all Airbnbs are exactly like ours. They always laugh. We laugh, too.


Well if it doesn’t wear that badge with honor. I just got mine too, almost the same time you did. Yay! Cool we get a credit after a year for being the best we can be!

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I also got my Superhost status today, which was a surprise to me because I thought that ABB required me to have private bathrooms, and I have one shared bathroom for 3 rooms. So I started an anonymous browser section to check it out, and the badge was in my profile but not on on the main listing page. Then I used the superhost filter, and my 3 listings disappeared, but returned when I turned off the superhost criteria for the search. I find this weird, but since I’m blocked for a post-season vacation starting in 10 days, I’m not too worried. I’ll give it a day, then call Customer Disservice to see if they can explain it if it’s still not working.

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Oh, the email had links to “extra perks” but I can’t find a link on that page that will tell me where to find the $100 credit download. I’ll be traveling in a couple of weeks and would like to know that the credit is on my guest account.

Go to Performance >>> Opportunities then click on Superhost. You’ll see a link below Explore your superhost rewards which if you click you can then choose what you want, travel voucher or photography.


That’s interesting, my listing is also not showing up when I filter for Superhosts. Maybe there is a delay?

Better than half of my guests have been new users with no reviews, and ‘knock on wood’ they have all been great so far!

You get this after 4 quarters of SH, 1 year.


So true - and they are less likely to act entitled as are veterans with loads of reviews!

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Hi John,

We stayed in Fez for a week this March. If you have not been there before and know exactly what to expect, we would strongly caution against it.

Please feel free to reach out for more details.