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Why is price tips giving me weirdly high prices?

I thought it normally did the opposite

Probably a local event you are not aware of.

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I can 100% guarantee that airbnb price tips do not calculate any local events. It would be impossible for them to do it.

@GardenGnome I noticed this weird change in recommending ridiculously high price. Thought I’d give smart pricing a go because I have no bookings for October/November, which is very unusual. So I switched it on but set the min/max price to something reasonable. Still no bookings. Plus I still receive emails from them telling me that “somebody looked at my place but booked somewhere else cheaper”. :roll_eyes:

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100% true. I love Smart Pricing but although I’ve been using it for ages, it has never made any allowances for local events. With millions of hosts worldwide, it just wouldn’t be possible.

@GardenGnome - has it gone above the maximum you set? If so, you’ll have to report it to Airbnb.

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Actually AirBnB does it by upswing in bookings in the area. HomeAway/VRBO does it by actual events scheduled locally.

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Right. They don’t know about a local event. They just know inventory for similar listings in the area is low.

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Curiously, we noticed the same recently.

On that basis I jacked up our prices on the few remaining days to a level that is OTT for Sep, within 2hrs we got 2 bookings. One Airbnb and one BDC. I’ve now just hiked them even higher, we get a booking great, we don’t not bothered. Sep is unexpectedly turning out to be a good month, so much so that the 30% availability we have may be put to better use by us having another wee mini break :slight_smile:



No, they use reactive pricing suggestions similar to Airbnb. It may be somewhat more refined, but the base principle is the same.


Well, the latest message under “tips to help get you booked” says I should set my minimum price to $81. I wouldn’t call it “weirdly high” for a 2200 sqft 4-bedroom house, but it’s up 5% from the $77 tip I had last week. :wink:

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