Why I need to close my Airbnb

Be careful Karensa, my commercial Airbnb activity made me ineligible for ANY homeowners coverage from my former insurance provider.

Dear dpfromva
Does that mean you are just running an Airbnb with zero insurance coverage?

If you’re homeowner’s insurance coverage knew you were running an Airbnb they would likely cancel it, and in any case it would be cancelled and any claim rejected if you made one.

Nope switched to commercial insurance from Proper. Lots o’ threads on this topic.

Does Proper alert your current carrier you are shopping around with them?

I just got the Proper insurance reply back, as well as a reply from CBIZ as to why they cannot insure my property:


The main reason for the non-renewal is that there is shared space in general and not just entrance and exits. Our policy is specifically for properties that are rented out to one party who has the home or property all to themselves. If there is any type of shared space such as entrance/exit, shared bathrooms and shared kitchen.

If you can confirm that the home would be rented out to just one party and there would absolutely no shared space at all and there would only be one party there at a time then we would be able to reconsider renewing this policy.

If you have any other questions please let me know.

Best regards,
(name deleted)
Associate Account Manager
CBIZ Vacation Rental Program

From Proper:

Thank you for contacting Proper Insurance.

Unfortunately, at this time Lloyd’s does not cover true room-sharing vacation rental properties, only entire rentals. Room sharing meaning; shared entrance, kitchen, bathroom, living room, daily interaction with guest(s), etc.

We are currently working with Lloyd’s to offer this coverage on our policy soon. You will be notified when available.


(name deleted)
Account Executive
Proper Insurance Services, LLC

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In reading this correspondence it appears to me that your insurance agent might believe that you are renting to two separate sets of guests. Does he/she understand that the shared space is shared with you not with separate Airbnb parties?

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Hi Ellen,
They will not cover ANY shared space. It has to be a separate unit.
This article explains why pretty well: