Why has no one asked me how I earn $10,000 a month for studio apartments?

About a month ago I posted a topic, and in it I mentioned that I manage one bedroom/studio villas that earn well above average; approximately $10,000 a month. I find it amazing that amongst all the thoughtful, intelligent, sometimes unpleasant and inspiring conversations that were started by my post not one person asked how I managed to achieve this gross income.
Today Air sent me statistics for similar properties, priced much cheaper than mine whose average occupancy for the last month were 19% and mine was 87%.

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I dont think I’ve seen that other topic and congrats on the earnings. I’m guessing people didnt ask because each area/property is different but feel free to share your tips :slight_smile:

Just a side note that the occupancy rate on those emails cant be trusted as those hosts could be using other platforms as well. So for example if I get 25 days booked from booking.com and 5 from airbnb, airbnb will say I have 16% occupancy rate while in fact I have 100% :slight_smile:


And I earn $16000 a month on my 4 properties…why do you think your numbers are impressive?


And my Dad’s got a better car than yours lol


Are you saying 10,000 per month for a single unit?

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I don’t recall exactly how you worded it but there are several things.

One, lots of times when people say things that aren’t clear people just move on. Since you mentioned lots of things and true to form (my new favorite saying) this forum went off on multiple tangents.

Two, they may have assumed that you meant grossed, not earned, and have multiple villas therefore it’s not that impressive. For example I have a very modest one bedroom ensuite and I earn $1000 a month on average. It’s not a villa (I think that word means something different to you than it does to me). And even earn means different things to different people.

Three this post refers to “achieve this gross income.” So maybe we are getting closer to what you mean.

Four, many of us average 87% occupancy so that’s not that big a deal.

Five, many of us own our properties and and our ROI is the same or higher on a percentage basis, so again not that impressed.

It seems that there is something you want to tell us, what is it?


true to forum, you might say


I sure noticed that impressive number.

Uh? Not understanding, suddenly feel like I am in the middle of something.

How many units are totaling up to that $10K? I’m just curious how impressed I should be. :wink: I have one unit and grossed just over $3,000 this month.

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In a proper piratey, straw chewing Bristol accent there ain’t much difference between form and forum sound wise. (And no difference between ideal, idol, idea and idle either, all sound like idow)


There are many hosts here with far more humble operations. We don’t have “investment properties” … we share our homes. I’m not much interested in the people with investment properties, frankly. It’s a different world.


I’m just curious as to why I should be impressed. In fact, I’m feeling curiously, and increasingly, nauseated.


OK, I’ll bite :sunglasses:! How do you earn $10,000 per month on a one bedroom unit? And where is it (City/country)?


Like a true Brit!



oops, I missed the play on words first time around. Good one, @Barns


If you want recognition or acknowledgment – here it is – Yay you! Sounds like your investments are going well for you, through whatever combination of hard work and good fortune.
Now, why would we be interested? I think if you posted a fuller case study, that would be useful and helpful to the forum participants. Number and cost of properties, where you got the capital (or leveraged?), gross income, expenses and net. How you sorted out legal and insurance issues. Furnishing and marketing decisions. What obstacles you had to overcome.


Is $10k for a single studio or multiple studios?

Is your business model based on sharing % of revenue or based on paying fixed amount to the owner and keeping the rest?

If I remember correctly Poppy doesn’t own these “villas.” She is just the manager. So if she is grossing $10,000 income for herself as a manager, then I’m impressed and want to hear more. I could definitely use a six figure income and go traveling all around the world for months at time.

I also want to know if they are studio apartments or villas.

You should be able to share a link to your listing. Just go to your listing then copy and paste the URL into a post here.