Why does AirBnB write DISCRIMINATION into their rules?

Gender discrimination is written into AirBnB rules. How is this not illegal for misogynistic Hosts denying access by gender. This is commercial activity. They can do what they like in their PRIVATE HOMES, but when they offer a COMMERCIAL SERVICE, this kind of discrimination is ILLEGAL. AirBnB should be SUED!

Go right ahead and sue. Air wrote those clauses into the TOS because they were sued for discrimination.

You signed the TOS agreement (and dang well should have read it before you did sign it). If you don’t like it you do not have to remain a Host.


Is it a question or a statement?

What seems to be the problem exactly? :thinking:

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It’s not illegal when the owner has 4 units or fewer and lives in one of those units. Go check your case law associated with Mrs Murphy exceptions and sue if you think a PARTICULAR HOST is violating the law. Airbnb is just working within that structure. You’ll find most hosts don’t care what god you pray to, what color you are, or what’s between your legs, so long as you are a good guest.

Also, most of the exclusionary hosts are women excluding men, so that would be misandry, not misogyny. Along with case law maybe you could learn about the difference between the two of those and how they’re historically rooted in different things.


@HorseshoeRoadInn - are you Steve???


@Allison_H - You’re a great contributor. Thank you for the time you put into your answers.


The OP’s post lacks any detail, WTF exactly are we talking about?


This would be men denying women.
Trip trap under the bridge?

Why would it matter?

Maybe YOU should re-read my post. I did not mention WHICH gender was involved, did I? My “handle” does not indicate or even suggest MY gender, does it? And even if it did, where did I say that I was posting about discrimination against ME?

Sounds like YOU have some in-built bias that automatically assumes the genders involved, and leads you to rush to show off your vocabulary even though you apparently cannot actually READ a post before leaping in with your superior attitude.

Maybe you should learn not to be such a stuck-up know-it-all.

@HorseshoeRoadInn let’s cut to the chase here. You’ve previously posted that you aren’t currently hosting. This is a forum for hosts. Why are you here and what do you want? I don’t see that you are contributing to our community of hosts at all.


I was trying not to mention specific circumstances that might relate to a particular Host / Guest / Listing. Some people immediately leapt to the conclusions suggested by their personal bias, and obviously I don’t expect any kind of worthwhile comments from such people on the topic of discrimination.

Under AirBnB’s rules, all you have to do is share some minor portion of your space, even if the Guest has no desire to use it, and even if that space COULD be locked so that Guests could not access it, and you then have free rein to exclude Guests not of the Host’s gender.

In the case that was of interest to me, the shared space was a minimal and unnecessary part of the listing, it did in fact have a lockable door between the listing and that common space, and the Host freely admitted that people of male AND female gender were full-time occupants of the common spaces and Host-private spaces in that listing.

I don’t see how that can possibly be anything other than gender discrimination.

Well, first of all, I said that in a prior post, and my hosting / non-hosting varies on a month-to-month basis. In fact I am both a host and a guest at various times, and I am concerned with issues from both perspectives, because in the end the system has to work for both Hosts and Guests, or else it will be unsustainable. FWIW, I have (so far) seen much more egregious behavior by Hosts than Guests, but maybe I have been lucky so far as a Host.

And I guess that since discrimination is your thing, discriminating against ME is par for the course.

I have been discriminated against on multiple occasions in the past for reasons OTHER than my gender, and I THOUGHT that AirBnB was a place where Hosts and Guests alike were supposed to be free from that. But apparently SOME discrimination is OK in this community. Sad.

Not true. You cannot enforce a contract that is illegal on its face, and of course signed agreements have long been used to attempt to enforce illegal discrimination.

@HorseshoeRoadInn -
How is the way you are being treated on the forum discrimination in any way, shape or form? We don’t know a thing about you. Discrimination is not the same as disagreement.

Why are you here and what do you want?

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As for “Mrs. Murphy,” that exception includes the following language:

“To be sure, the exemption does not apply to rental advertising. That means Mrs. Murphy cannot run a discriminatory advertisement indicating, for example, that a certain religious group is not welcome to rent her apartment or room.”

How is an AirBnB listing stating “Men Only” or “Women Only” NOT discriminatory advertising? It is in fact the DEFINITION of discriminatory advertising.

I want to know why an organization that prides itself on being non-discriminatory is in fact not.

And if there is a gender exemption, how many genders can a Host exclude? LGBTQ advocates claim (and I do not dispute them) that there are multiple genders, at least 8 that I can think of. Can a person of ONE of those 8 genders exclude the other 7?

We don’t know. This is not the Airbnb Community hosted on the Airbnb website. This is a private forum of hosts (and we tolerate occasional posts by guests if it serves a purpose) funded by an individual out of his own pocket.

Many hosts here disagree with Airbnb on many things.

I think you need to go burn a different house down.

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I meant that the poster was apparently uninterested in someone’s POV if they were not a Host at this precise moment in time. As I said, I happen to be both at various times, but a “Host’s Only Forum - Guests are not allowed” is a pretty sad example of discrimination that ultimately does not speak well of the Hosts.