"why do you rent through Airbnb"

Liebe Airbnb-Gastgeber,

ich weiß ich bin nicht der Erste, der eine Umfrage durchführt, aber ich wäre Ihnen unendlich dankbar, wenn Sie an meiner Umfrage teilnehmen würden. Sie tragen damit einen wichtigen Teil zu meiner Masterarbeit für die Technische Universität Wien mit dem Thema “Motive von Airbnb Gastgebern” bei. Ich habe die Umfrage so kurz wie möglich gehalten, ich verspreche Ihnen sie dauert nicht länger als 5 Minuten!

Als kleines Dankeschön habe ich einen 25€ Amazon Gutschein zu vergeben.

Der Umfragelink ist hier erreichbar: https://www.umfrageonline.com/s/8296a0c

Vielen lieben Dank und schöne Grüsse aus Wien


english below:

Dear Airbnb hosts,

I know I’m not the first to conduct a survey, but I would be very grateful if you would participate in my survey! It’s for my master thesis for the Vienna University of Technology with the topic “Motives of Airbnb hosts”. I’ve kept the survey as short as possible, I promise you that it will only take 5 minutes.

As a small thank you I have a 25€ Amazon voucher to give.

The survey link can be reached here: https://www.umfrageonline.com/s/8296a0c

Thank you very much!
Best regards from Vienna

Out of interest I had a look at this, in English. It became increasingly incomprehensible, with inappropriate questions being asked that I couldn’t possibly answer.

Same for me…


I agree!

@SurveyMaster This is not the kind of survey I want to participate in, unless trust in the person/institute surveying is established and anonymity is absolutely guaranteed. Online surveys (or phone calls) don’t guarantee this for me.
This is not a thing to say “Hi, please help me. You don’t know what we will do with the information acquired, but don’t worry.”

I was just going to give a short answer (FOR THE MONEY!) without doing the survey but now I’m intrigued…

Oh dear @SurveyMaster you really do not live up to your username. Many of these questions are unintelligible in English and do not cover all options. In fact, it’s a Master class in how NOT to construct a survey. You clearly know the results you want and have tailored the questions to meet that. Great research… :roll_eyes:

“Have you already rented an accommodation through Airbnb before renting it out?”

“Would you consider subletting your current apartment in Kitzbühel due to the lucrative rental income (Airbnb) and moving to a neighbouring municipality?”

Is this really the level of a masters thesis these days? God help us.


Such a pity, you started off so well with the financial inducement! But, as @Magwitch says:

Back to the zeichenbrett for you.



Curious, how many people got their 25€ Amazon voucher?

The first thing I though of is how many surveys you would need to get statistically valid result, and how much that would cost a college student at 25€ each, and then I started smelling fish. Either the voucher isn’t really worth 25€ or somebody is selling your data.


Thank you for teaching me a nice new word in German :grin:

I felt a bit bad about being so mean but honestly, it’s a poor show when you can’t even be bothered to construct proper questions for a survey.

I don’t understand how the data could be linked to an individual person, though?

I didn’t do this survey but I did another one and I did my voucher. I think it was $20.

These paid surveys aren’t paid out of a student’s pocket. They typically get grants or funding from their school.

A surprisingly small sample can be considered valid but you’re right, it would be costly. This is probably in addition to all the people who answer for free.

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