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Why Didn't You Just Book a Hotel & Other Stupid Questions


First they wanted me to provide multiple driving directions from their states to my house (3 couples) States that are large with another state between them and me.

Now I get a request for taxi service and early check-in.

WTF? Why didn’t you just book a hotel? Have you never traveled before? Do you think I’m just sitting around waiting to serve you?

This does not bode well.


Send them a phone number for the local taxi service along with your apologies for not being able to accommodate an early check in due to (blah, blah, blah). You might let them know that you’re happy to let them cancel with full refund if they need to find a different place that can accommodate them.

Or you can just ask why they didn’t just book a hotel in the first place… :woman_shrugging::rofl:


hello, obviously they have internet, since they booked you.
they never heard about this thing called “google maps” that has directions? Or even better, waze?
Don’t they have smartphones? I would only excuse them if they are old. Otherwise I don’t think I would want them coming to my house.


They may not have traveled before. It is rare that hotels provide detailed directions or arrange airport transportation.

We are in the hospitality business so perhaps this would meet the need:

Message 1: You are traveling to: 100 NoName Street, FakePlace, NC. Your GPS should be able to navigate you to our door. If you need additional instructions, please let me know.

Message 2: We can’t arrange taxi rides for you but UBER & Lyft service this area. UBER now allows you to schedule bookings in advance. Usually Lyft & Uber offer new customers discounts on their first few rides.

SQUIRREL moment: Just sharing something I learned recently: You can link your Delta Skymiles to your Lyft account, so you earn Delta miles for Lyft miles.

You enter your skymiles number in your Lyft account (start in the Delta skymiles partners site) and all Lyft rides booked after that through the Lyft app are automatically connected.

This is easier than earning Skymiles for Airbnb rental dollars. Because your guest must start every reservation through the Delta Skymiles partner site to get the miles.

This is the deal!! If the guest spends $7,500 in rentals & Lyft rides they are on their way to earning a free flight.

My Lyft to Delta Skymiles isn’t a lot of miles BUT enough little bits make a big bit and are helping me earn trips.


Send Google map link.

As above, Uber etc. Sorry, can’t do early check in unless you fancy snuggling up to Mr & Mrs Whatever before they check out.

Alternatively, as mentioned on another topic a few mins ago, just cancel due to “not feeling comfortable”. Why increase your stress levels, there’ll be another booking along shortly, just like buses :slight_smile:


Seriously? Do people actually do this?? I’m in a position where I need the money so I will never cancel on anyone. You can make me feel as uncomfortable as you want - I guarantee that I will make you feel a lot more than “uncomfortable” if you piss me off.

Lol. Been watching too much Peaky Blinders. But it’s still true - piss about in my place, hospitality ends very quickly,


I’m old( ish) and I know what to do regarding stuff - gps etc
Otherwise I look at the stars to guide me or the sun’s direction. Hey! I even use a hard copy map!!! WOW!!!
Just kidding!!!
People are used to being told what to do as it’s easier than using brain cells. They want you to think for them.
It’s not an age thing though. Youngins want one to think for them too, I have found.


I am curious what did you do ? I am sure hotel will gladly take their I money and for 3 couples it’s 3 rooms sold at once…nice!

It’s a whole house rental. 1 person or 6 it’s all the same price. Makes no difference to me if I rent or not. Less work if I don’t. I don’t rent for more that 5 days at a time and I’m only open for 6 months a year due to weather and non-existent winter tourism. Hotels are welcome to them.

I sent a message through the platform to the person who booked. The request for taxi and early check in came via phone message (they found my number on the internet from an old business listing I can’t seem to delete). It was someone who claimed to be part of the party of 6. Someone I have no idea who they are as they are not the person who booked. I’m not going to play that game.

In the future, when I accept a booking I will state all communication must go through the platform by the person who booked and only that person. This is not the first time a non-booking guest has tracked me down and called with a random request. Fortunately I never answer numbers I don’t know and my voicemail greeting is generic.

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Put this in your HR’s.

Ah, Mag, the Basil Fawlty school of hosting … now there’s someone who knew how to deal with an awkward guest!


Lucky you what can I say…I can’t afford such luxury to not rent .

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So funny! I’m the same way :slight_smile:
@Lozette, I was thinking about my parents when I said “unless they are old”.

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Added! Now we’ll see if people actually read it. I’ve had the hardest time getting some features of the house across to people no matter how many times I mention it prior to accepting a booking. One of the biggest problems I find is the person who books doesn’t communicate the feature to the other guests who arrive and are surprised/disappointed.

Yes, that can be a real problem. I’ve learned to ask people (im)pertinent questions in my first message, politely but firmly; " This is our home, not an entire place to rent, where we offer a small amount of B&B for a maximum of six/there may be other guests/have two cats bla bla bla." Then I now add “Please can you ensure that your fellow guests are fully aware of this, so they can be sure they will be comfortable staying with us bla bla bla”.

It seems to work. I can’t think of any stupidity of that ilk this year

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:rofl: I expect everyone knows this clip but just in case anyone hasn’t:

Somebody should do a remake of Fawlty Towers a la Airbnb!


So have I. I’ve had people in their 50s, 60, 70s and even 80s who have been absolutely fine and who are far more aware than people younger. Although I’ve always found teenagers to be fine too. The ones in between? Frightening in their lack of gumption, often. In my experience anyway.

Me too but without the ish :slight_smile:

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I’m glad to hear what you have experienced.

Anyway, age is just a number as they say( who? I dunno!).

Happy airbnbing


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