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Why airbnb is not releasing the payout?

I am a newbie on airbnb. After the first guest groups checked out, and I didn’t get the payout. So I called CS, and I was told repeatedly that the txn is being reviewed by the credit department, but no further information offered as CS cannot talk to the credit department. It has been over 3 weeks. Has anyone encountered the similar situation recently? What should I do next ? Thanks,

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It probably was either a stolen credit card or if debit than it probably had insufficient funds. Or they submitted a charge-back and Air didn’t get paid which means they won’t pay you. Sorry. Tweet about it on the Air page and it will get a higher priority and they may pay you because they don’t want the bad publicity.


I have the same story!!!

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It should not be the funding issue, as the booking cannot be approved until the fund was secured. I have also checked with the guest, their card was charged on the day the booking happened. I will try to tweet it about this.

…meaning Air lost money afterwards, so they’re not paying you.

My guess. It stinks, of course. Hope they pay you soon.

There are plenty of stories on this forum of people having “confirmed bookings” and not getting paid because of fraud or insufficient funds. Hopefully your guest is being honest because that’s not always the case either.

Definitely tweet about it.

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