Why Airbnb does nothing about users like this one

I have my listings set to non-instant book currently, because I am a woman who shares space in my home. Today, I got this request from this completely unverified user who clearly did not read a single word of my listing.


I will arrive tonight at 1030p and leave by 730 a tomorrow, i can pay 20$ cash- let me know, thanks!
Today at 9:01 AM

Now, I just re-attained Superhost status for some reason. If I decline this person, I lose it, even though their request is stupid and illegal. I called Airbnb and I’ve been on hold for over 45 minutes. They clearly do not care.
Upshot:I declined listing and reported user. Actual effect on anything? Probably just that I lose so called “super host” status. I think it really means 'SuperStupid" host.


I fail to see how you would lose your Superhost status because you decline a guest. This is not how Airbnb, or the Superhost status work.

One would even say that to achieve Superhost status, you have to pick the right guests that would leave you those great 5 stars reviews.

That shouldn’t have any effect at all.


Flag them? If you are off IB, they won’t be showing up with their $20. :smiley:

What’s your normal rate? I take it it’s more than $20 and she thinks that’s all she needs to pay because she’s arriving late and leaving early… some people are unbelievable!
Yes flag and decline sounds like the way to go. Declining requests has no impact on your superhost status

Decline, decline, decline!

Repeating what the others have said – declining will NOT affect your Superhost status.

If this twit shows up at 10:30 do not open the door. Tell her she did not book with you and cannot stay with you, and your nightly rate is $XX, not $20! If necessary, call AirBnb and tell them you have an emergency; then if you have to call the police because you have a tresspasser


Yes a bit like me telling Lufthansa I want a discount on my seat because the plane is going anyway. :smiley:


I have people arrive late and leave early all the time and they pay full rate, just like at a hotel. The only person who ever tried to offer me $20 to sleep here for about 6 hours got flagged and reported but I doubt the did anything.

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Don’t worry about them getting your address, they do not receive it if you do not accept the booking and they finalize it. I would only be worried about that if you have a picture of the front of your house.

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As a ‘superhost’ and a mod on this forum - I am sure you understand the rules better than many on here.

BNB makes it clear that paying outside the system breaks their T&Cs and hosts don’t have to accept these bookings

Why do you think otherwise?


Here’s an inquiry I got yesterday:

I’m new to California I’ve only been here a week and I was hoping I can pay you $500 to stay every month I’m here you won’t even no I’m there, I clean up after myself I get paid every 2 weeks so I won’t be able to pay you until 2 weeks so if you would help me out I would really appreciate it I don’t plan on staying long.

Don’t pay for 2 weeks and wants a 33% discount. Uh, no.


LOL!!! Are they serious!!!


I feel personally offended by the absence of punctation. One comma, one point, 71 words.


I’ll pay you $500 a month in advance if you will let me stay in California with you at that price. LOL


I’m even more offended by the really poor grammar than I am the dearth of punctuation!


We need an offendameter. Who wants to invent that?


An offendameter would be the instant product of the year 2017.


My favorite comment of the whole week. :heart_eyes:


LOL… I now officially think @smartbnb.io should change his profile pic to the heart eyes!!!

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Done @konacoconutz! 20 20 20

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Woot! My day is made!

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