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Who Pays Repair Cost?


Hi everyone! Just had a message from my latest guest - he fell in the bathroom (thankfully he’s ok) but in steadying himself he grabbed the ceramic towel rail which ripped off the wall, exposing the dry wall.

He’s offered to pay - I’m pricing it out - but my question is should I charge him? Or suggest he pays half? Or swallow the whole thing? I’ve no idea what I should do so I’d really appreciate your thoughts.

Thank you!


I wouldn’t out of gratitude that he’s alright and not blaming me for the mishap.


I had a similar case a few months ago. Guest said he slipped in the shower and ripped the towel bar out the wall. Asked a few more questions, and he said he was drunk when it happened. So I charged him.

Maybe try to feel the guest out with a few messages. I feel that if the guest thinks it’s your fault, you might want to eat it, but if it was just carelessness maybe it’ll come out in the message exchange.

If the damage can fixed fairly easily and cheaply, I say forget it. If it requires a few days work, patching, sanding, painting, I would charge.


I’ve never asked a guest to pay for damage. That being said, neither apartment has ever had any serious damage.

If I can bear the cost of the repair and still be in profit, that’s the main thing and it balances out in the end.


Don’t admit liability but apologise and forgive him and pay yourself.


Thanks everyone. I’ve repaired, thanked him for his offer, but paid myself.

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