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Who or What is Cocoon Labs?

In the terms of service section of this forum I noticed that Cocoon Labs owns and operates this website/forum. I did a Google search and found nothing. So who or what is Cocoon Labs? Is it a web design company?

Who cares?




It’s a home security camera surveillance company. Or a shell company. Or just some name.

Why, are you planning on suing them?


Why would I sue a forum?

I suspect it was an “artifact” of original creator of the Forum…


I think one needs to wear a special hat to know what it is, you can make it from tin foil but you really need to get it right or you could end up really messing up.




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Wow, sorry to offend so many with a simple curious question. It’s as if every one slammed their door down the block and are peeking thru the blinds until I turn the corner.

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I don’t think anyone is/was offended, I think we all wondered why you didn’t just do a simple Google search and when “Cocoon Labs” didn’t come up as a tech name, then you’d have an answer.

It could be a leftover from the original forum creator, it could be the name of the forum template from its inception, it could be the name of a defunct company that is on page 100 of Google (I only searched to page 3)…

If you find out, please share. Inquiring minds… (and snarky ones…)

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