Who is eligible for free photos?

I just read this-

Use Airbnb’s Free Professional Photography Service
We know you’ve heard it before, but we can’t stress it enough – Airbnb offers professional photography services to eligible hosts. It’s a win-win for all parties involved: A local photographer gets to showcase his pictures on your listing, and you get snazzy images for free. Airbnb’s platform allows you to find a photographer in your area and schedule a shoot via private message.

Theoretically anyone but in a year of trying I’ve never had a photographer “available in my area” so I gave up trying.

They are available in our area but I’ve never used them. This is because I’ve seen so many on the site that have been obviously enhanced. (Obvious to me anyway because graphics and photo retouching is part of my ‘real job’.)

I prefer to under promise and over deliver. Our rental looks slightly better in real life than it does in the photographs. I’d rather have it that way than the opposite.


Who knows what they mean by eligible. Probably not the bottom of the barrel ones. Just call and ask.