Who has a lake front rental? Boat too?

We have a lake rental and rent pontoon boats. I need a company tat will provide a policy to us or our guests. Anyone know of a company that will do this?

Your broker should be able to help you. But I wanted to have bikes, kayaks and so on but my attorney and STR insurance went crazy.

If you find somewhere it would be great if you could let us know.


I hope that you’re not renting them already without insurance! Seriously, do you want to risk that house + everything else you own?

Even if I had waterfront property, I would never have kayaks, canoes, rowboats, bicycles, nor any swing made by anyone other than a major playground equipment manufacturer in a rental property. They can sign all the waivers you want and still successfully sue you.

Talk to your insurance agent. And then talk to a local personal injury lawyer about the kind of reasons he sues hosts or landlords.

That will really open your eyes.

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Too much risk and finding insurance will be VERY difficult. Many hosts find a local boat rental company and develop a relationship with it make it smooth for guests but less risky for the host. If you already have the pontoon boat and you feel that rentals are essential you might talk to a lawyer about spinning them into a little separate business.

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