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Who else would respond (privately) to very rude private feedback? I'm gobsmacked at some guests' cheek!


Maybe he was at your place before coming to mine! :grin:

You’re right we can all decide to provide extra amenities. But surely we can also decide not to in order to keep the price down. I’m sure my guest expected free bathrobe and slippers, included in the already low price, not to pay an extra fee for them.

It depends on what you state in your listing - do you SHOW slippers and bathrobe in the pictures? How much is your listing per night? Do you live nearby or do you have a property manager? Living nearby makes it easier to manage this kind of amenity, from washing them to making sure people don’t steal them…

I’m sorry but if I rent a reasonably priced whole apartment in a good location and the fixtures and amenities are as shown on the listing, I wouldn’t complain to the host about amenities THAT WERE NOT PROMISED in the listing.


Wow @lililou1 so many questions. So, no I don’t show bathrobe and slippers in my photo’s. I like to offer some items as a surprise.

You are right guests shouldn’t expect amenities not offered in the listing, but I don’t know whether your guest made a suggestion or complained, so I guess it depends on the context.

All I pointed out was that if he made a suggestion that, in my book, is not enough of a reason to boot him out.


Stereotyping hosts as guests is like any other kind of stereotyping: it can’t be applied to individuals. If all my problem guests had been named Chris or Cindy and I posted that any guest named Chris or Cindy is to be avoided at all costs that would seem ludicrous. Of course, one can post here that they dislike those guests and avoid them but what they actually do at their rental may be very different.


Nope not at all…we have learned a lot from their stays and others. I just get irritated when “hosts” complain about things we do not offer and specify state we don’t and they still expect. LOL…


I welcome all guests but I wanted to be honest in saying that the two super hosts I had and we had a great conversation etc but in their review they were less than gracious about things that we do not offer and never stated we did. I had a run of bad luck… and since my post I had another super host and they left a good, honest review…


As with other guests @Cindy_Turner_Dodd this is not about them being superhosts, but about them being quite frankly ridiculous, anymore than someone not being clean, is about their nationality or country of origin.

Two picky superhosts is not a run of bad luck, it is simply two picky guests who should know better.


My last silly feed back suggested I should have provided Tampax.

I could only reply that she had not looked in the medicine cabinet on the top shelf.

LOL! Itry to have everything on hand a traveler could need, but why would someone assume that it is my duty to provide their personal hygene products?


Are you serious? Maybe we should also have a button they can push for us to come over and wipe their noses and bums as well!


I provide them - because I reckon it’s my duty to avoid having disgusting bloody sheets :wink:


I think every female has been caught off guard by the sudden appearance of Aunt Flo. I know I was once at a small family run hotel in Wyoming in the early 90s. The owners are probably dead now but I’m still horrified at my actions subsequent to the event. I wish I could have compensated them for the damage.


I am trying to get my daughter to understand this and ALWAYS carry a purse/be prepared but she is young and she does not keep track and so dad has pads in all the cars, and my backpack. I need to get some for the rental, cheap insurance.



Yes this is life and if it happens to you then you pay for the sheets.

Where is the question?

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