Whining. Maintenance hurts

Whine whine whine. Where is the easy money my neighbors think I am getting?

Performing maintenance and having a bit of fun all week. Today was rigorous. Snowbirds arrived tonight for 30-60 day rental.

Deep cleaning 2 Br 2 ba condo including restocking, organizing, washing linens, installing new curtains, hand hemming curtains, scrubbing bathrooms, etc.

This week included bending, stooping, picking up, toting, carrying, scrubbing tubs while on my achy knees, ladder climbing, reaching, ceiling fan cleaning, vacuum dragging, furniture repairing, painting, lots of walking, and more.

Where iiiisssss that easy money I’m supposed to get from renting my condo?

Alleve isn’t touching this leg & back pain. It’s going to be a long night. I’m considering sleeping in the recliner so the chair can help me stand up in the morning.

Getting old sucks.

What they don’t tell you on those TV shows about rentals could fill books or maybe one really active website!!!


So you are saying it is not making the bed and giving the bathroom a swish? I could have slapped the green eyed cow that said this to me… such easy money!


I think a little light dusting is also required …


Maybe once every 12 months or so…just after you have cleared the green slime from the fridge!