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Which site produces the most demanding guests?

For those of you who host on more than one site, have you noticed any trends in the level of demands from the guests on each booking platform?

We are also on Stayz and they tend to ask so many questions and usuallythose ones I don’t book. Or they book and don’t reply to emails. We had a booking turn up at our farm on Saturday without letting us know they had a arrived. My intuition was to go and check and they had arrived but were not there. Then they starting ringing and saying the fridge is not working. I told then this is why I ask that you let us know 30 minutes before you arrive to meet you there and explain things. She said they didn’t get that information. They got enough info to find the place and call to complain. She then said there is a python to which I said actually there are two. All would have been explained if we had met them.

The next morning she called to say they had to throw out some pizza and yoghurt because the fridge was not on. We also leave an esky with ice. Later on in the day after they left and we arrived to clean up the fridge had ice in it so I’m not sure which bit was not working!!! Luckily Stayz doesn’t push them to review but if she does I have a lot to say about them. :slight_smile:

Pythons??? Now that IS different!

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an added attraction, we should charge more!

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Absolutely - not many hosts can offer that :wink:

I have grown leery of Flip Key people, since many have turned out to be real tire kickers.

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