Which review is shown in your ad?

Hi! Just curios if you know how the reviews shown in the ad is picked? In my ad, the first review is from May, and I have had 15 reviews or so since then. There is nothing wrong with it, I just wonder why it is shown before others? The person who wrote it was a student staying here for 2 months, so his experience is perhaps less valuable for a tourist which is my main guests.

Normally the ones from your home country are shown first, then those from guests from other countries @Anna

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IDK but it is maddening. I notice in the app they are in chronological order (other than foreign reviews being at the end), but via the web they are random (with foreign still being at the end I think).

I recently was booking a couple of places as a guest and one of the places I was considering had over 300 reviews. I had to go to the app to see them in order. I don’t care if the place was great 3 years ago! I mean that’s nice that it’s maintained good reviews, but I care more about 3 days or 3 weeks ago. I wish Air would quit experimenting with these things, as this really isn’t helpful to anyone.


Aha, that explains it. Thanks a lot for you swift reply!

Yes, this system is inaccurate then as it doesnt show last review first. Annoying,