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Which items tend to get taken/stolen most?


For the hosts who have had less valuable items go missing, do you ever mention it in the private feedback for Airbnb section?

It’s too much hassle to open a claim on inexpensive things, but if every host that experienced this problem reported it privately to Air, there would be a record for them to see if and when the guest graduates to stealing bigger items and some future host needs to prove it.

Am I giving Air too much credit here?


As a guest, I admit to being nosy. I like to try to guess what kind of person the host is. The rule I made for myself is that I can look at anything that’s out in the open, but don’t open drawers besides the kitchen.

Sometimes even following that rule you find more things than you would like. One host had an open laundry hamper clothes in it and I could see his underwear in there. I finally just put a towel over it.


This is similar to my experience - I have things like the hair dryer and iron/board in cabinets and closets. Guests sometimes come all the way downstairs to ask me about these items instead of looking for them.

On the other hand, the guest who asked the most questions about where to find things also found a way to open a locked door - it’s the kind with a thumb lock on the other side so not key locked - but couldn’t figure out how to relock it so I know they looked around. I don’t think anything was taken, they were just curious. We replaced that knob with a fully locking one, so now I will be surprised it they get in.


Great idea about explaining about the LED candle. I would never have imagined that guests would try and light one - but then again I did have some guests who filled up a vase full of water - for plastic flowers.


I love sharing my home to travelers, meeting new friends and, in most cases, great company! But I’ve noticed things have gone missing recently. I’ve had a bath robe, a channel changer, a Yeti thermos, some charging cords, movies, my favorite jean jacket, an Apple box, tools,…and who knows what else. And I never know which guest/group it could have been cause I never notice until I notice, ya know? Except when bottles of wine and an entire costco-sized case of beer disappeared - definitely noticed that. I have way too much trust and faith in humanity and trust me I’m learning. I’ve also had guests bring in more people than registered for. How do people handle, take action, or prepare themselves ahead of time?


This sounds like an incredibly high amount of items to go missing @DandyPants . I have never had anything go missing in three years.

I hope you put in a claim against the guest who took the wine and beer.

it is up to you as the host to take control of this situation. Keep your valuables locked in your bedroom or another room (assume you are sharing a home).

Check your place carefully after every guest and put in a claim straight away for missing items.

If people bring in more people then have registered ask Airbnb to cancel the booking or call them out on it and say they can only stay if they pay for the additional guests.

I do hope you have been leaving honest reviews.


We have created a purpose built guest house to host family and Airbnb guests. It is decorated with many of our favorite things aquired on various travels as well as our time living in the Philippines. We also have a completely equipped professional kitchen. After 50+ bookings the only losses we have experienced were 6 teaspoons easily replaced from the local market. These were the handmade stainless version for which Thailand is known for. There was a guest party, which we had given our ok on. Perhaps the spoons were attractive as a souvenir or perhaps in their effort to clean up they inadvertently threw the spoons into the trash? In any case we are thrilled with the caliber of most of our guests and love developing friendships.

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