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Which items tend to get taken/stolen most?


I don’t even want to know why!


Jaquo…you don’t care for HP sauce??? I’ll take your share!:kissing_smiling_eyes:


After being around since Dec 15absolutely nothing! In fact I get so much stuff left behind ALL the time that I bring it to my home. Seriously sometimes I just toss every thing.

I happen to get a lot of European guests that travel all over the US and we are the final spot for the glades or the keys and the entire time left
They leave everything with else with me.


I keep extra sheets etc out of the each of guests. If I had to keep them in the same unit, I’d create a locked closet. Anything I would be distressed at loss would be locked away. Don’t know if I could share my personal living space, kudos to those who do. As I’m in a cottage area, where it’s not unusual for folks to bring their own bedding, I don’t provide towels other than kitchen towels. I do leave lots of toilet paper, Kleenex, and paper towels.

I love HP sauce!


Isn’t HP sauce sorta like Pickapeppa (sp?) sauce? mmmm! Dip a succulent bite of marbled rib-eye in the HP and pour the Pickapeppa over a block of cream cheese and spread over crackers as an appy. Oh yes, it’s required.


Don’t tell me that you like Marmite too???


Oh, HP sauce. That one I know. Love love love it. Someone should invent a cocktail with it, and then I would drink it.


Ask and you shall receive.

Bloody Mary with HP Sauce
Caesar Cocktail

That is all I can do. Sounds horrid to me!


Luv Marmite even more than Bovril. They are an acquired taste, it’s true.

Any cocktail that calls for a shot of Worchestershire sauce would also work with HP sauce!


As a British person I can confirm that @KenH has given an excellent description.


It’s called HP sauce and is the best thing on God’s great earth! Well, after Marmite. :nerd_face:


I can see that I’m outnumbered here :slight_smile:


Is that anything like Vegemite?? - EEEWWWW…



Which were there for them to eat but since we get them from a farmer who is a friend, we return the cartons for refills. That’s happened twice and I find it really petty and annoying. Eat the eggs, sure, but don’t just take them home with you - that’s weird and rude.

And a sheet. One of a set that does not have any duplicates. Bugs me every time I go to make the bed in that bedroom.

Who steals bed linens? Seems crazy to me.

We had a woman leave a bible, which steamed my biscuits since we’re Jewish and this was obviously an attempt to get us to “see the light.” And we had one guest leave his (dreadful, boastful, self-published book) My husband wanted to keep them, so as not to hurt their feelings, I wanted the pleasure of putting them in the trash.

Since they’re here for a couple of nights and I’m here for life - my feelings come first.

In 200+ guests, that’s it


Just had 3 more towels taken. This time from the guests that checked out today. One really plush bath towel and two pool towels. Well chalk it up to the cost of doing business but I’m going to mention that I know they are missing in the private feedback


Yes, do. They should know that other people know they are slime balls.


I am starting to feel very lucky that almost all of our guests have arrived by public transport. They don’t have room in their luggage to take souvenirs, much less towels!


My husband’s pocket knife, hair dryer, toiletries that were there future guests, lots of hangers by a long term guest


I forgot about the hangers – yes, they take my good ones and leave the wire hangers. And, you know how I feel about wire hangers!!!


Why yes, we do. There was this movie…

I haven’t lost a hanger. I count them. Yes, I have a bit of OCD.

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