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Which is the best rental property website builder?

Hello , new to the renatl market and looking at Logify to set up our villa rental. Do you recommend or are there better easier and cheaper website platforms for rental properties? Of course will advertise at Air bnb etc but need our own website too. Any advice much appreciated.

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There was a thread about this not so long ago @Laluli_Oz - probably worth using the search function to look at what was recommended there.

Just looked at it but everyone goes off topic into marketing and photography. I just want advice on which os the best platform to use to build your website when you have a villa rental and not too costly. Is it any of the rental sites ie: Logify but read bad stuff about them or shoudl I just use word press or wix etc but do those have booking systems and sync with google calendar. I would be SO grateful if any of the community could advise whcih website builder they found the best.

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Curious to know what bad stuff you’ve read about Lodgify? If you set up your site on Wordpress, you can use basically any of the other direct booking solutions (an example is OwnerRez). So you could set up your site with Wordpress (which gives you basically endless design options), and use a direct booking plugin like OwnerRez or others.

I use Lodgify. I really like it - let’s me have a complicated pricing system that transfers across platforms. Only downside is no easy plavmce to put a blog. I recommend it.

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Welcome @Laluli_Oz!

I use Wix for my site and I found it easy to create as well as super simple to update and maintain on my own. I can give you the site address, if you want to PM me. Wix had a discount for new users when I started making it very affordable and the renewal is coming up at a good price as well. Best of luck to you!

So what are the results of your own research?

Just curious…



Good save :wink:



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Thanks, I’m new here :slight_smile:

@bbc is right. Don’t use a ‘system’. Set up your own site on your own URL and use Wordpress plugins for facilities such as a booking engine.

The reason you have your own site is to be in control so be sure that you are by buying your own URL, paying for your own hosting and running and designing your site the way you want it.


And if you don’t know how to, PM me for a price :wink:


Retired :slight_smile:


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Not retired :slight_smile:

Tart :slight_smile:


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