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Which guest left what star ratings?

OKay…I know this has been discussed but I am too lazy to weed through past threads to figure out who left me what star rating. I figured it out long ago and now I have no idea!

I just received a review that was very good, and the guest uses “great” to describe the location. I could have sworn before this review that I had all five stars in all categories. Now location is showing 4 and half.

I can’t recall if sometimes the stars are delayed. For example - maybe the previous guest rated a 3 on location but only now it is showing up. The previous guest describes the location as private, yet close to everything they wanted to do.

I know guests will say one thing, yet rate lower in stars…hmmm. How do I find out?

You don’t. You open a nice Pinot Grigio, sit back and try to decide if that cloud looks like a heart or a double hump camel. Cheers to the next booking!


Lol! I’m actually ecstatic that someone reviewed me on their own will! And not reviewing me in the hopes of having something shipped back.

But I still gotta know because I am thinking it was a 3. Unless I was hanging on the verge of 4/5 star for location, and one more four brought it down…

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You need to set up a spreadsheet or write it down how many stars you got then when you get a review check which ones have changed. It’s the only way. Lol

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I know there used to be some way in there…lol. I think it said something like “the last 3 guests left you a 5 for cleanliness” and so on. Then you could just go back and count “1,2,3” and then the 4th guest was the guilty one! It would have this in each category.

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I still see that “your last x ratings were x” thing on the stats page… But I have to admit that i’ve never been entirely sure whether it means the last x consecutive stays, or last x consecutive reviews (which, in my case, are rarely the same thing), so I keep a google spreadsheet, and update it with every review.

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It’s the last reviews. It says that in the description. Your last 5 reviews were 5 stars. Also, if they don’t review, they can’t give you a star rating. So, yes, it’s based on those that review you.

We have started keeping an excel spreadsheet.

You don’t. You open a nice Pinot Grigio, sit back and try to decide if that cloud looks like a heart or a double hump camel. Cheers to the next booking!

I am adding that response to the @KKC Hall of Fame.


I wish it was easier. Before refreshing anything, I go to the Stats page which I always have open somewhere. I write down by hand the current set of category totals, e.g., Accuracy, Location. Then I update the page and compare the numbers, for example, Cleanliness was 38/8/2 becomes 39/8/2 or 38/9/2. I’m not consistent about this, but usually it’s nice to know. You’ll see the written review raving about place, but giving you 4/5 on a couple of things. Why Air can’t just give you the rating numbers makes no sense to me.

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