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Which destinations have a lot of houseboat Airbnbs?

We just stayed in a houseboat Airbnb, and we loved it. Now I’m hooked. I know Amsterdam has many. Where else? Preferably places that are not hot and humid.

I once found a docked sailboat on the French coast of the Atlantic for under $70/night. I still want to book that one! Let me see if I can find it.

Can’t find it. But try googling whatever country houseboat airbnb

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A lot of European destinations will have houseboats including UK, Ireland, Belgium, France, Greece, Spain, Portugal. Also Turkey. (low season so not too hot)… to name a few.

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Not a houseboat but our listing is a yacht. We’re located in San Sebastián on the island of La Gomera, Canary Islands. https://airbnb.com/rooms/6356001?s=41&ref_device_id=e08b1e42c41b78c1303df8d0ad853bb23414e887&user_id=33110313

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OMG Tanya – your yacht is amazing! I saved it to my wish list. Looks like you are off the coast of Africa but still part of Spain? Who knew …

Netherlands had awesome houseboats!

Thank you and yes, the Canary Islands are off the coast of Africa.

World wide geography is not an American strong suit :slight_smile:

I stayed on a houseboat in Seattle and loved it.

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