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Whether to block dates or raise price

We rent out our house that we live in and live in a pretty high demand area. We have as many reservations as we want for the next couple of months right now. What is the best thing to do with the dates that aren’t claimed? Should I block them all off or raise the prices to make it less likely that we will get a request but still have our house show up in people’s searches so they know it’s a possibility for other times? I guess I’m wondering what gives us the best visibility but lessens the likelihood of being hurt by Airbnb algorithms, if that makes sense?

If you don’t want to rent the unbooked days, then block them. Simple. The unavailable days will have zero effect on anything in the future on Airbnb. What affects bookings is demand.

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If you definitely don’t want to rent them, block them. But you could also raise your rates quite a bit to make it worth your time to book them. They probably won’t book, but if they do it would definitely be worth your while. You may end up learning that you’re under-priced and could raise your rates at all times and make it even better hosting!

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