Where to put this wording

I always need help with these type of issue.
Some guests are best to ignore but some who travel extensively still knocking on location is hard to swallow.

Some host came up with this and I really like it. Just don’t know where to put it.

" please remember this property’s location is true to description and is where you choose to book after your due diligence on where you wanted to stay vs the price point you wanted to pay.
We only ask that you remember that we cannot control our location or the weather"


You can put it under “other things to note” or “the neighborhood.” It doesn’t matter where you put it. Why don’t you ask the host you’re taking this from where they put it in their listing copy?


I read it somewhere and couldn’t find it back :slight_smile:

True, because I suspect that wherever it is the majority of guests won’t read it.

Furthermore, I think it’s unnecessary.

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It is a deterrent for newbies or guests who are not familiar to airbnb and see location is less than perfect, NO?

If only it were that easy…

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No :slight_smile: Guests don’t read :slight_smile:

It all sounds a bit convoluted and almost as though you’re suggesting there will be an issue before the guest even checks in, if you’re going to get knocked on location you will. Wording like that would give me a negative vibe and I’d probably give your listing a miss.

Seems to be a fact of life that a proportion of guests simply don’t read anything other than the price!



It is a good thing Airbnb is working on betterment of location rating system. It is pretty harmful right now
considering guests actually review the location and the location preferences vary depending on the guest.

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