Where to purchase bedding & what kind

I am new about 2 months, and bought all new bedding for my cabin king size bed. The first guest left a bloody mess and ruined the sheet and mattress pad. I have a beautiful dark blue blanket but it is not working, it seems to catch any little piece of dust, hair or anything and never lets go. I need new bedding, something that will not break the bank and maybe all white so I can bleach them. Any suggestions?

I like Costco if you have one where you live and if you can get their stuff at a reduced price like they are clearing out the last of something then it’s really a great deal. Target Threshold is a well rated brand. For online purchases I like Amazon and I do trust their ratings. Bed Bath and Beyond has good stuff but it’s overpriced. Some of the stores like Marshall’s and TJMaxx have nice things at good prices. I’ve ordered the JCPenney Royal Velvet 400 TC sheets when they are on sale.

I buy sticky rollers in bulk at Costco. Even after being laundered things stick. I have a fleece blanket that I think I got at Marshalls that I like. I also got a new much more expensive one at Pottery Barn that I’ll use this winter. I only got it because I had a credit to use. I can’t imagine it’s worth the real cost.

And IKEA if you have access to one. I don’t like their sheets but I like their other linen products including blankets and duvet covers.

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I love Home Goods (Marshall’s TJ Maxx) for stuff like this. You can get some great deals on good quality stuff. Messes happen, so I wouldn’t invest a ton in bedding or towels. Like @KKC, I also enjoy Costco, especially their large, cheap fuzzy blankets. Guests love them.

Try Kohls. Right now they have 30% off even on clearance items. The code is Trendy 30.

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Thank you, I like Costco

For duvet covers I don’t think you can beat the IKEA Ofelia Vass sets. They have a seersucker type texture, so they’re forgiving of wrinkles and don’t require ironing. I’ve hosted for 4 years and only had to retire one set so far.

I like the Threshold 300 ct organic cotton sheets from Target, but any white sheets on sale at TJ Maxx/Marshalls, etc mix well together. I prefer 100% cotton and just try to catch them as soon as the dryer finishes to minimize wrinkles.

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The last sheets I bought, and I buy a lot of them (oy vey!), were from BB&B (Wamsutta 400tc Queen $29). I don’t have a Costco near me but I’ve had their sheets years ago liked them. I’m actually still using them on my own bed 10 years since original purchase.

As others have said get lint rollers! I lint roller everything - comforter, couch (so much hair on the couches!) throw pillows, you name it I lint roller it.

We go completely away from white – we are not trying to mimic an hotel or Motel 6! We use light colored sheets and pillow cases (blues mostly with our theme), and patterned lightweight comforter (no blanket) and sham covers. Target is good, the local Beall’s Outlet chain is excellent for inexpensive anything.

And I’m going the other way because I’m tired of ruined colored sheets (see “Damn you Proactiv” post)


Mimic hotels or not there is a reason why all hotels use white. I don’t want to be like a hotel but I’m also not going to stubbornly refuse to learn what hotels already learned. The demographic that your listing attracts also makes a difference. Older people are less likely to use acne products.

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Au contraire Casa! They almost seem more likely. I know someone who is in their sixties uses it and the last guests who came to stay and ruined my new sheets were all in their 40s/50s. I rarely have guests under 25 as most come here for wine tasting.

I seem to remember reading something about adult acne and how it is more prevalent than people realize and of course it can be a consequence of menopause so again, older women.

Huh, well, I stand corrected. None of my old friends have re-developed acne and all my bleach spotted linens were after young guests not older ones. Not that it matters now that I’m almost totally switched to white.

Thanks to everyone for all the advice

I have been doing this for five years now and the last time I had white sheets on the beds was four years and 51 weeks ago. Nope.

White towels, sure, and I have more castoffs than I want to think about, but I will never do white sheets again, ever. Nary a ruined sheet in the whole time. The elastic has given out before the sheets.

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I’ve been doing this for two years and I have 6 sets of ruined colored sheets (mocha, sage & lavender). Luck of the draw I guess.

I don’t know in what country you are based but Brand Alley currently has a very good clearance sale on. I am also in the white/ivory bed linen camp!

I have gotten more comments, positive reviews and even guests asking where they can buy bedding like mine than anything using Macy’s Charter Club sheets - https://www.macys.com/shop/product/charter-club-damask-solid-sheet-sets-550-thread-count-100-supima-cotton-created-for-macys?ID=4504737&CategoryID=9915

They wash easily, tolerate bleach well and really are no-fuss.


Whoa those sheets must be nice, it’s $99 for a Queen set on sale! With three beds and they way they get ruined at my place I’d either have to up my rental rate or just call it a wash (HA! A “wash.” I made a funny!).

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You get what you pay for. We used to use cheap Amazon junk we got for $39 a set. We went through those things like water, and they were awful. Decided to spend money on something nice, and it has paid off for us. Glowing reviews, much longer lasting (we can get typically 6-9 months out of a set of these, versus < 3 months out of the previous. In the long run, we were spending less on these than on the cheap ones.

I think there are certain rentals where a sheet of that caliber would be expected and a worthwhile investment. Not my rental though.

Still, I don’t think you can beat Kirkland Signature 540TC. I think they are $60 or $70 in the stores all the time and they run a special once or twice a year.