Where online can I find other ABB hosts in my area?

Wanting to connect to other ABB hosts in my area … where do I find them online?

Here. Or perhaps through the official Air Q&A board. Or zoom in on the listings in your area and send then Inquiry messages about getting together.

Look on BNB Community

Use Google

Search Facebook

That’s technically a violation of the Terms of Usage of whatever they’re called. It’s unclear what Airbnb would do if the host complained. I tried contacting local hosts twice - in neither case did it work well. But you might be luckier.

Thanks for the advice everyone!

Absolutely! But I’m wondering why the OP wants to contact local hosts? I have found at this forum that I have a good connection with hosts who are relatively local or within road trip distance.

I’ve also looked up local hosts on the Airbnb map and been around to their places to talk to them.

I also want to connect with one or two local hosts who are reliable and responsible, so that we can look after each other’s listing while away for holiday or other reasons. Anyone from Melbourne Bayside area interested?

Here’s an unpopular comment! I wouldn’t want to leave our rental in the hands of anyone else if I was away. Airbnb is a specialist hosting system and (being big-headed here) no-one can see to our rental the way I do.

This being said, I do have a backup plan for emergencies.

Sorry but I believe that if you’re hosting, you should arrange your holidays etc. around your guests.

Hi Jaquo, thanks for your advise. I absolutely understand your opinion and reasoning. But I’m fine with someone else helping for a short period as long as I know this is an experienced host, reliable and responsible person. I go for holiday maximum 2 weeks a year and I am proposing the idea of swapping, you look after my listing for 2 weeks and I look after yours for the same period. But if someone in my area doesn’t need my service but wish to earn some extra income, we can negotiate a fair payment for the service.
This is same as air’s cohost program. I have registered on air’s website that I would like a cohost in my area, but they put me on a waiting list, probably because the program is still very new and not many available.


I have a former student who has been watching my house and dogs on and off since 2000. This past fall I made her a co-host while I went on a trip. There she only had to handle a couple of changeovers but so far, so good. But she’s onsite and it’s just a room. I think it could be very tricky to have someone handle an entire home or multiple bookings of a place while the host is gone.


Yes, for an entire home it is a lot more work and attention. Therefore I prefer another host to do this. They are more experienced :slight_smile:

If you live in a major city, try www.insideairbnb.com and zoom in on your area. It will show all listings, shared and entire homes, whether active, booked or not. You’d still probably have to connect with them through the ABB platform, but it’s easier to navigate imho.

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