Where has the star ratings gone?

A guest just checked out today. We both wrote a review right away, so as per usual i go in to my stats to see what star rating they left me for cleanliness, communication etc. However it isnt there anymore aghhhhhh. It only shows overall ratings, it doesnt break it down into each category!
Why’s airbnb changing things again! Is this the same with everyone?

Do you have a screenshots and a link to your listing?

It’s likely an A/B test to understand what is the version that works better.
try to clean cookies or to open the browser in incognito (and repeat).

In the past I’ve seen multiple variations of the reviews section, including one where only 3 subcategories where shown.

I assume that you’re looking at your Stats page. I checked and it still shows the categories for me.

Yes, please. Could you share a screenshot of how it looks in your end?

I lost mine months ago. Now, I don’t even have a stats tab.

I’ve tried deleting cookies etc, but still cant see it.
I have heard airbnb are updating their site. Maybe this is why?
I dont understand why some people still have and others dont.
I tried ringing air but i was on hold for so long i give up.
Now I will just have to go by overall star rating to see what a guest gives.:confounded:

Yep its the stats page

I tried deleting cookies but still nothing…
I hope they bring it back!!

I will try to take a screenshot later. Or try airbnb again. I hope its just a glitch. I have had a couple of reviews disappearing lately also. It shows when i go into reviews, where i can only see, but on the profile it isnt there.
I also got friends to check on their phones and computers and they didnt see it!
I rang air and the lady insisted she could see it! I think I have maybe got a little ghost:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi Just an update about my missing individual star ratings.
Someone has finally got back to me from air. They said they are doing improvements on the platform, and we are now only able to see the overall star ratings what guests give now. But if im not mistaken didnt you guys in the USA say you can still see what individual stars guests give you?
Saying that we can see still see the cleanliness etc ratings on the main profile public page. But im so annoyed as this could just go down anytime without knowing who marked me down! (And, in my experience just because they give 5* overall doesnt mean they havent marked down on other things)!.
Maybe because ive asked feedback frome certain guests in the past, air have now hidden mine. Now i’m getting paranoid! Lol
Is there anyone from the Uk/Ireland who cant see there’s to??
Basically how air left it was, I can give them feedback and they will pass it on!

This is what I see now on my stats page.
(By the way ignore the 2* that was from anti Valentine…Kona will know what I’m talking about lol)@konacoconutz

And this is my main public page. Still the same.

Where are you located? @CasaCadora

Small town in California

I wonder what’s going on.im in Ireland…I thought all USA hosts still saw