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Where does it say in description " pets allowed"? Never paid attention


I have an unhappy guest who books 30 mi utes before she arrived for tonight who claims she specifically picked my listing. ( I am on instant book, and under 100$ I am the only instant book listing in the area) because I allow dogs. She also asked in her text AFTER she booked, I have a small dog, it’s alright, right?
I texted her : no, it’s not all right, I suggest you cancell. She responded , that’s ok , I have a friend who can watch him.
When she arrived with her boyfriend, she was very unhappy and said: I specifically booked based on your description that you allow dogs. She even made me doubt. I checked my listing, the option " pets allowed was unchecked.
Can someone tell me, where does it even say in the description pets allowed or not allowed, and how can you specifically ask about pets when you look for a room. I never cared, that’s why on my travelings I never searched by this criteria.


In amenities on your profile you have the option to select yes or no to pets. I make an additional statement in my descriptions that I have a dog who won’t accept other animals. I think some people assume you accept pets because you have pets. Silly really. If it were me I’d make an absolute point of specifically asking that question of a potential host.


I left the pet option unchecked, also children and other things.
Buti wondering if there is something in search that I don’t know about. I just tried to search for that option “pets allowed” and there is none.
I wonder how do people know if pets are allowed. If there is an option for hosts in listing to check or not to check that option , there shoud be somewhere a note in discription that pets are allowed.
I checked my listings and nowhere does it say “pets allowed”. I don’t now where this girl got it from.
The more I think about it ,the more I am pretty sure that she is lying about specifically searching about home for pets. Imagine , she comes with 2 huge suitcases from airport, someone drives her to my house, and 5 minutes before nocking n my door, she asks me if it’s all right to bring a dog. She probably wanted to trick me into this, but then had plan B to leave her puppy with whoever drove her.



Pets allowed or not is under amenities. You have to click on + More under amenities. If pets are allowed there is a drawing of a paw next to which it says pets allowed. If pets are not allowed it says pets allowed with a line through the words. On our listing it is indicated that we do not allow pets, but we have had several people ask if they may bring pets. If your guest is from a different culture perhaps she doesn’t know that a line through the words means that they are negated.


Ellen, thanks , I found it. And mine crossed out. She is not from different culture, she is from NY. And I am pretty sure that she did it on purpose. she travels with Airbnb for 3 years. Having a dog, she doesn’t know ? And she tells me she SPECIFCALLY picked my listing because it says “pets allowed”. My listing was the only one there under 100$ for the whole town on instant book. This is why she booked it, because she had no choice. She deffinitely had a back up plan to leave a dog with a friend, she just tried with me what if it worked.
Honesty I am a bit pissed at her right now. I even apologized for her situation, and she is standing there in from of me , lying to my face.good that she is leaving in a morning.


beachGuy, I agree, people don’t read. I have inquires about pets sometimes and airport/ cruise shuttles also :smile: Which doesnt bother me, i just say NO. But how do you ask me about your dog almost standing in front of my door? And then when I tell her , NO, she magically finds a friend who can take her dog in for the night. I understand tha may be she wanted to try and see if it works with me, but what pisses me off that she was angry at me and kept on insisting my listing says so. My husband is also 100% sure she lied .


isaac asimov wrote an editorial call “the marching morons” before i was born. seems those days have come to pass. sigh…


I get so many dodgy requests on FlipKey too. Last night in the middle of the night one woke me up (a sure sign it’s from overseas.)

“Hi, I want to rent your bungalow, can you give me a bit more description of the area? Is it safe?”

It was for ONE night, beginning tonight!!! Just bizarre. So by the time she paid cleaning, one night and fees, she was at $386! Not including tax. Even the Mauna Lani is less than that.

Beyond weird inquiries, FlipKey sends me horrible guests. Have only had two decent ones and the rest terrible. I turned it off for a while but now leave it on and if someone looks serious I tell them to look for me on the place that starts with A and is what you breathe.

Craigslist is a joke and full of scammers. I liked the Air feature which once let us cross post like that, but for some reason or other they turned it off.


I bet she dings you in a review in some way to punish you. Damned guests!


Hehe, probably. She texted me 15 m minutes before check out time asking when is their check out time and can they stay late because she checked in around 6 pm. I answered NO, because I have next guest arriving in 1 hour.
I could hear her starting packing after she received my text.,
Of course at 12:15 I had to knock on her door asking her to leave the room because I had to clean. She goes: but my taxi is not here yet!!
I was already loosing my patience but offered her to wait In a living room.
On my question where did she see on my listing that pets are allowed no answered followed.


GOD! I hate this type of guest!!! Of course she wants late check out!!!

I almost wrote that in my answer to you… predicting they will ask for late check out! Fits the entitled profile!!! You are nice to let her wait in the living room! I would have kicked her to the curb. :smile: Nicely. :smile:

Yana, you should ding her. Wait until 12:59 on the last day of the review period and TELL ALL. That’s the kind of guest that is just annoying enough to really get us aggravated! If she wrote to me today asking to book, and your review with these details was there, I would not rent to her!


I’ve had a few REALLY annoying guests the last month or so. I’m in my low season so desperate for guests. :smile: Both booked last minute. That is usually a sign of disorganization in general. (But not always). First was “Natasha.” Arrived at midnight, that was OK, I was asleep… next day I meet them… He immediately asks to outdoor smoke. (I had stated I sometimes take them if this is discussed FIRST); I was put on the spot, reluctantly agreed. The whole time they were here they bugged me. They were loud. His voice was REALLY loud, I could hear him through the floor. Always slammed the doors (unaware) and BBQ’d very late (11pm) I think that’s too late to BBQ, do you guys?

Then on the last day, the inevitable. "We are heading south, can we check out late?"
Me: "No, I have a guest coming. "(I really did.)
Him: "Can we leave our bags in the room though?"
ME: "No but outside in the carport you can. I will cover with a cloth for you."
Him: "Can we leave our food in the fridge til we come back for the bags. Our food will go bad."
Me: "No sorry, I have to clean the entire apt. Maybe you could buy a cheap cooler so your food doesn’t go bad."
Him: Can we borrow the snorkel gear until we come back for the bags?"
Me: No, I’d prefer not.
Him: Why not, we have to come back for the bags.
Me (reluctantly) Well Ok, but I don’t normally allow that. When will you be back?"
Him: around 2.
Me. OK (kicking myself for getting pushed around)

3:45 PM… (my check in time is 4pm) NO SNORKEL GEAR returned yet… I am PISSED!!! They better not have lost $100 worth of gear!

Write a text. "I need that gear now, I have a guest in 15 minutes.
HIM: We’re on our way.

He’d also forgotten ALL his clothes in the closet, I piled them up on his suitcase and covered with a cloth.

"Can i go back down and check for more?
Me: No it’s completely cleaned. I brought all of your stuff up already.

Just why do people push??? This incident and one after it REALLY MAKE ME TIRED OF BEING A HOST!!!
Asking for late check out gets an automatic no…

In reality when they should have been gone at 11, I still had to deal with them at 4PM. Super annoying. I did not get a review from them but kinda glad. Thought it might have had some dings.


I am debating about the review. I was thinking whether to leave a not so good review or no review at all.
Also she damaged my towel with some orange color. I don’t know if she colored her hair or what it was, but I can’t give it to guests anymore.
When I told her we have another guest coming, she wrote: I wanted to stay another night…but, ok. I think it’s another trick. Why would you even say that if you know you can’t stay another night?


Also why would you say that after asking for a late checkout? This woman is definitely manipulating you. It really is frustrating and stressful dealing with these kind of guests who care about no one but themselves, and who are almost scary to have in your home. If they are that comfortable lying and manipulating, what else might they do? That is my thought when I have people like that.

The orange stuff: fake tan. Dreadful stuff. Good luck with it!


Was your towel a colored towel? Products with benzoyl peroxide such as Proactive will bleach the color out of colored towels. After you run it through the wash is when the orange color appears.


Yes, it was brown. Doesn’t she know though that this is what it will do? This is my first damaged towel. Thankfully, 95% of my guests were very nice without any damages.


Some people know the damage it will do if they have already put two and two together at home. My towel that got ruined was a nice brown bath sheet. I put it my house notes that products containing this skin ingredient will ruin the towels. I also provide a basket of bleach safe brand brown washcloths with a sign in it to use them to remove all skin products and “thank you for not using the nice towels.”

When I was researching damaged towels in hotels, etc. I came across a few sites where people just couldn’t figure out where all of the bleach marks on their clothes,towels, etc. were coming from. They kept thinking there was something wrong with their washer. So whether or not guests know this - I have no idea. But I do know they aren’t so stupid to not realize wiping off their makeup will ruin towels. And there of course are guests who are just disrespectful and don’t care. I have no idea where women learned this habit. And I hardly think they destroy all of their towels at home.


I have a bunch of wash clothes In every closet. Like 20 of them. She could at least use those not a large bath towel. I am going to put a note next to the sink to not use towels for make up remover. I saw notes like this in hotels.


I absolutely cannot believe the guests that wipe red lipstick on my expensive fluffy white towels. I have had a few young women do it, and it NEVER comes out. Unbelievable.


Yes Sandy!! Bronzer! I was just going to say the same. Yana, you could claim that as a damage… Probably too late now.

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