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Where do I find the amount of Taxes paid


The owners are asking me how much Air paid on their behalf from our rental for the TOT in our city.

Restated: Air remits the taxes for our guest rentals at this property. They remit it to the City of Angels (not our county). Where oh where do I find out how much was remitted in 2017? I’ve searched and searched Air and this forum, with no answers.

Thank you!


Wait…just found this…

“Your listing is in Calaveras County, CA where Airbnb collects and remits occupancy taxes on your behalf.”

Well, Calavaras county per se does not have a TOT. But our city does. If Air is remitting taxes, where can I find out how much they remitted last year?


Are you a management company for Airb properties?

Surely this is shown on the booking for the guest, so you could add it up.

Or call Airbnb and see if there is an easier way of doing it.


there is no way for you to get a statement once airbnb takes over the taxes and enters into an agreement with govt.

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