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Where are our stars?

The week before last we had our first Air guests (we’ve been on other platforms for a few years). Our guests were heroes (they cheerfully endured a week of the worst weather we’ve ever had here) and we all got on very well, drank a couple of bottles of wine together and they loved the place.

Sure enough, they left a glowing review but … no star rating. Have I misunderstood the system?

You need a few guests before you will get stars

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I think it’s five. Then your previous stars will show up.

Ah, so that’s it … thank you, people!

It will take us quite a while, then, as most of our booking are 10 days - 2 weeks.

However, as we were almost booked for our season (May - September) after only 5 weeks on Air with NO reviews I’m not too worried …

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You should consider raising your prices!


Yes, that’s what our first guests said! And we certainly will for next season!

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