When you expect the worst Part Deux

Had a woman book via BDC a few weeks ago, didn’t choose the non-ref rate so paid top dollar for three nights in Jerez, at the end of January!

Booking is for three nights, tonight, Sat and Sunday.

Message from guest (translation) is:

Hi, we’re four girls coming to Jerez to get to know the area. Can we drop our bags off at 1pm?

I responded yes, and if apartment empty the night before we’ll simply check you in, easier all round.

No response.

OH messages her yesterday and says check in at 1pm fine, message us by SMS or WhatsApp when 15mins away.

Response: Muchas gracias.

1pm comes and goes. 2pm message for approximate ETA. Nada.

No response to mobile number.

I’m starting to think we might have the guests from hell arriving, if they actually show up. Thinking four young girls coming here to party!

5.30pm we get WhatsApp message, “there in 15mins”.

They arrive.

It’s four sweet little old ladies from Buenos Aires touring Spain and they’d left Barcelona early this morning. For me, that’s a ten hour drive. They did it in some of the worst weather we’ve had in the peninsular for years!

Highly apologetic and immensely grateful to have arrived in one piece!

Just another illustration as to why you should never prejudge, which I was mentally doing. Shame on me!

That said, they might trash the place, they might leave all towels stained with mascara, but so far come over as nice guests who simply thought the 15min warning to us was sufficient (essentially OUR FAULT, for not being more precise beforehand).



I would keep a close eye out, ya never know…



I can easily see you all at the tabanco across the street until the wee hours of the night.


Aye, as we say in Glasgow, sometimes the auld yins are the worst!

Funnily enough, so can I. But not until the rain subsides, it puts a damper on the atmosphere everywhere here. The tabanco is actually closed, he shut up shop about an hour ago, just after 10pm here.



There you go making me miss Andalucia again. I used to ride the bus to jerez all the time just to go see the white tiger in the zoo. And the dancing horses. You have lucky guests.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oh yes. Oh definitely yes. :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:


Yuppers. We know all the tricks and we aren’t afraid to dance on the tables.

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Nothing wrong with us dancing on the tables, it’s the getting up there and back down again that’s the killer.



I had a 69 year old Mexican grandmother. We cried when she left.


Follow up.

Unfortunately (thank god!), no tabanco table :man_dancing: dancing, no late night sherry :wine_glass: fueled partying on the patio and no impromptu flamenco :dancer: sessions in the street. The monsoon like rain we had simply killed the usual weekend fiesta atmosphere.

Fortunately, great guests who spent most of their time out and about, didn’t run the heating constantly, and when they did, did not crank it up to 30c!

No major mascara stains and all in all, the place is as good as we’ve had, with four guests in for three nights.

Transpired that only three were from Buenos Aires, the fourth was their tour guide. While I was chatting to her at check out, we discussed potential return stays with other clients. Lets hope her review is as positive as her talk!



Never underestimate us Nana’s, especially when traveling in packs!