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When you change your listing


Does anyone know what happens when you change your listing?

For instance, if I put in my listing that I’m collecting the 13% sales and occupancy tax in cash when the guest arrives, but other guests already made a reservation prior to that change, is there a record of it anywhere? What if I add a damage deposit - or other material change - does anyone know?


The deposit and everything won’t apply to to the guests with confirmed reservations. If you want to collect tax on them, probably best to do is write and tell them that this will be necessary. You’re sorry it wasn’t Disclosed in the listing previously but you wanted to become compliant as of January 1. Some will or won’t comply, and may grumble so be ready for that. I’ve found most people are very compliant with tax collections. I also have my license displayed in the room so that they know I’m not trying to take them for a ride. Are you sure it’s 13%? I paid 14% at the DC hotel, but maybe it was higher because the hotel was inside the city limits.

I make up a small envelope for them to use when they arrive. It has their name, amount of tax and the dates they stay. I tape it to the doorknob so I can grab it as I’m showing them inside. “Oh, this is for your tax.”

If they don’t immediately have it ready, i tell them it is okay to slip it under my welcome mat and I’ll get it later.

With tax you have to remind them a million times about it. When they enquire, when you send the acceptance, when you send the guest info. In fact I put it in the driving instructions. I say, “Your tax for this stay will be ----. Please have this amount ready on arrival.”

The only guests who acted surprised about the tax were the ghastly Canadian couple, but as I’ve told here, they had a bunch of other issues and red flags, and stole supplies from my room.


That envelope systems works like a charm, Kona. I have them written out in advance and leave them on the desk in the room. Before I did, one girl forgot. She called me from DC and offered to drive back up to where I am to pay me. It was $5 because it was a one-night stay. I told her to ‘catch me next time’. THAT kind of guest is amazing!!

Thanks for the info - and thanks for the advice on the envelope.

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LOL… And the envelope please… :slight_smile:
The envelope makes it so much more official.

That said, most guests don’t have it ready. I make a point to be here at every guest arrival so that unpleasant tax business is out of the way. I also commiserate with them, I really hate having to collect and pay tax but the state makes it impossible not to, and that is true!

By the way they are enacting legislation in Hawaii to have Air collect on behalf of the guests. I wrote to the representative telling them I would be in favor only if it were properly credited to our accounts… which as we’ve seen by forum posts here, has not been the case in other states. I alerted him to the situation where Air pays the whole thing en masse and the hosts aren’t credited properly. He wrote back and said he will let the committees know! Turns out they had not thought of it!

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I fear this is what has happened in Florida!


They rushed it through without thinking about how to credit the hosts’ account. If I went down to my excise office and tell them that Air paid tax on my behalf, they would say, " A likely story. Show us the proof!" And there is not place on my return to show that the tax was paid for me.

But maybe even before that, they’d say, “What’s Airbnb?”

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right and now not even a 1099 unless you had 200 reservations or make 20K. uggh!


basically after so many twitter question they stated we “have a agreement” we provide the records to you and that is all you need." I smell a lawsuit very soon.


I just checked my paypal and it said I had no tax documents for 2015. Thank you very much!!!

I squeaked by though, at just under 19k. ,! Would have reported anyway, but still!

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