When you are selling your house

So I am selling my house and we have had our first open house. I have bookings that I have to handle and of course I need the money so I am very hesitant to cancel them. However there are going to be times when I guess may be inconvenienced because the house will be shown and they can’t be there.

A few remedies that I have considered are lowering the price and mentioning the potential showings in the listing. I will be doing that immediately and letting all people with existing future bookinks of this situation. Of course I can always just cancel the bookings. Another option is to make all bookings with a maximum length of just one day so that the house can be shown between check out and check in time. Then there is the option of letting guests know in advance and then if there does have to be a showing and they are inconvenienced, then I would give them a refund for the night that they are inconvenienced.

I’m sure that you all will have different ideas and opinions as to how to handle this and I would love to hear them all.

I say trying lowering the price a little, not too much, and disclose the situation and see what happens. It may make it harder to sell your house than to keep up your airbnb. Houses need to look perfect to sell. You may have to give up airbnb.


I would call Airbnb and ask for advice. They may let you cancel everything free of penalty due to extenuating. Selling and moving is stressful enough without adding hosting in the mix. Just not a good fit for guest or host.

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@happylittlehost. How active is your current market? That will have a lot to do with what will work for you, your realtor, and your guests. If you are in a hot market, no guests. If you are in a lukewarm market, no guests for the first seven days your house is on the market, and then add “showings must be arranged with owner due to tenant schedules.” or something or other.

In my market, houses go on the market on Thursday and are under contract by Tuesday, so I would need to shut it down.

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I believe that you have a responsibility to your guests to warn them in advance if you plan to show the house during their stay. I also think that you should let them cancel penalty free and refund their Airbnb fees if they want to cancel. People who are looking at homes to purchase look in every closet, cupboard and drawer. Also, Open Houses are easy pickings for thieves. If I were a guest I would not want to stay at a house that was being shown.

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I agree Alan. I am letting every guest know about the situation through my
listing and also through the pre-booking message. For those folks who have
already booked I am letting them know what’s up and if they wish to cancel
I am willing to do that and take care of the fees for them. So far no one
seems to care. But I definitely want all of them to you be comfortable and
have a relaxing time at my home.

Wooooo!!! Good one Ellen! :hugs::rofl::joy::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

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I think you have the right idea: price lower, and explain in the listing that it’s because the house is on the market and there could be showings in the time they’re there.

Some people will love getting a discount, while others won’t book because that’s not their thing. As long as everyone’s on the same page then I think you’re good to go.

Robert, I find your posts very amusing, but please drop the ‘whore’ analogy; it’s unnecessary - to put it mildly.


I agree, especially after the 47th time.