When would the potential guest see my address?

I have a very flexible cancellation policy: Wondering if a potential guest can make a booking 3 months in advance and have the ability to see my address and lockbox instructions way in advance.

Is a booked guest privy to the address/lockbox instructions right after their booking is confirmed?

They will see your address in the confirmation email. But I don’t give guests the combination to the keypad until the house tour. If I’m not meeting the guests personally - which is rare - they are given the code a few hours before arrival,

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As far as lock box instructions I think it would be in ‘house manual’ in your dashboard and on their itinerary. I address it with the following;

“I assume you have already read the house rules before you booked. If not, please read them now. I will send you the access info and wifi codes after you have confirmed that you have read them.”

So some actually confirm that they have read and some do not. If they confirm, I send it out soon after, if not, but they are otherwise responsive I send it out about a week before arrival. If they are not responsive I wait till they realize they have no access info and they contact me.

Not sure when they get the address.

They get the address when they book @KIKC

Has anyone else seen this?


I would remove the lock box instructions from your house manual, regardless of what type of listing you have, because people would be able to see it as soon as they book.

My own personal rules have a lot to do with the fact that I rent two rooms in my shared house, and I wouldn’t give a total stranger access to my home without meeting them face to face! I have keyless entry on my front door, when guests check in, they are given their own code to use for the duration of their stay, which I then delete as soon as they check out. However, I am adamant that no one gets a code until they check in and I have met them in person. I have had a few guests ask if they can get the code in advance so we don’t have to arrange a “check in time”, but they have all been pretty accommodating when I explain my reasons for not wanting to do that. It’s about their security, too!


I’m very confused about this whole address thing. I just talked to a customer service rep at Airbnb and they said they never give out a hosts address. I’ve never given anyone the address to my guest house yet they find it. Air told me it was most likely because they were Googling the name of my farm which is the name of my rental (the rep Googled me while we were on the phone).

The listing address may or may not be the host’s address…

Remote/no house tour: I give them the combination to the keypad as soon as the booking is confirmed. It’s the last 4 of their cell phone number and doesn’t get programmed in by my local person until she goes to set up the day of check-in, so it doesn’t matter how soon I provide it.


I’m talking about the address of the place they are renting. For clarity I suppose I should have said “the address of the property the host is renting.”

In my experience guests get the address when they book. It is in the Airbnb info, just like the phone number

Not according to Airbnb. They told me they never give out the address.

They were wrong in that they don’t provide the guest with the address. A person doesn’t do it but it is done through the platform.

Okay… called again and yes, the 1st rep was wrong.

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I have that all filled out for my listings but I don’t think many guests use it. I am sure at least a few have used it because they mentioned that the pictures really helped them. Also, when they use it, I get an auto-message saying they have checked-in and I like that for sure. I don’t know where and when they access it so am not sure how to cue guests to use it.

If anyone else knows, I’d love to be able to tell guests where to find it and use it.


Yes, they are often wrong. Don’t go by what they say without verifying it.

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There was a fairly recent thread about that, maybe your answer is there. You could try the search, I don’t recall the thread title.

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In the app (not the browser version, I can’t see how to do it there at all if it exists), it’s the little key icon. I’ll switch to my tablet and update this post with a screenshot.

click that key and it inserts the URL for the guide.

I would think it’s only in the app. I had to go to the app to set it up and it’s pages that you swipe like an app. None of my reservations as a guest have been recent enough that they would have it. If you do have a screenshot, it would be helpful. TIA

From that link, you can (also) print it to PDF and I tell them to do that and save offline because the boonies.