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When it works, it REALLY WORKS!


i have multiple rooms in my home. One of my guests has been very ill, and it hit a crisis last night. He went to the hospital twice and got too weak even to stay there.

This morning another guest came home. She is a resident Cardiologist who had been on shift for 24 hours.

Well doesn’t she stop everything to attend to him. She was very helpful, too. She also contacted some of her friends so that he could be seen right away.

i called Air to report what a wonderful thing she had done and the CSR said “I really needed to hear this”, and shared it with the rest of his team.

What can I say? Smiles all around.


Lovely story. I hope that your ill guest is on the road to recovery.


Nice story, Mandi! :two_hearts:


Thanks for the upbeat story, Mandi!


Thank you for bringing smiles to this forum - I needed to read a positive story today! I will always believe that people are inherently good.


Love this. Thank you. :heart:


Best thing I’ve read today, thanks.

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