When Guests Leave Erroneous Public Feedback

Had a lovely couple come and stay at my whole house rental but when they left their review they said:

Only issue is the size of downstairs bed (double).

But it’s not a dbl - it’s a queen. I recently purchased it and sheets for it - there is no mistake plus I list it and the other two beds as queens because that is what they are.

The issue may lie with the couple. She was about 5’9 and he was 6’6 or more (tall!). I imagine they are used to sleeping on king given his height but still you think they would know. Wonder if they thought I lied on my listing.

This is one time I might “respond” to a review; normally I never would. Simply say something like “Sorry you thought the bed was small, Guest; but it really IS a queen-size bed. I recently purchased Queen sheets and they fit just right…”


Standard King (not Cali) and Queen are the same length. Since they had a nice stay I might message them and ask about it just to satify my curiousity. Since it’s an error I’d probably comment simply to correct the error.

Std King/Cal King - either way whatever they sleep on it has apparently left them unable to tell the difference between a dbl and a queen. I will admit that when I met him I thought the bed would be short but then at the same time I imagine that has been an issue he’s had to deal with most of his life when traveling.

I left public feedback lest people think my listing is in error. I thanked them for their feedback and noted that per my listing all beds, including the downstairs, are queens.

Oh… and she dinged me for the bed bringing my rating down.

Yeah guests punish us for their mistakes.


Bunny, in which country are you hosting? Bed sizes go all over the place and differ by country/region.

I might have replied and said something like:
“I did notice on arrival that you are quite tall - I can see how the bed may have seemed small to you! Do you have a King at home? But just so you know, all my beds are indeed queen size. I feel badly you were uncomfortable as I work very hard to ensure my guests enjoy every aspect of their stay. You are such a lovely couple I do hope we get to see you again.”

I think this is polite and caring, and acknowledges their complaint while telling the world the reality of the situation.

I’m in the US and these were guest from one state over (and obvious born & bred Americans) so no confusion there. I just think it was a matter of them regularly sleeping on a bigger bed due to her husband’s extreme height.

I wonder if she actually read my listing and the pre-booking info I send because if she had she would have read not once but twice that all beds are queens. Did she think I lied? Oh well.

I wasn’t as kind and caring. I thanked her for the feedback and stated that all beds are queens per my listing. I doubt she will see it as she wasn’t very good at communication (totally ignored two messages I sent her regarding her stay and arrival).