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When does the review period actually close?

I was trying to wait till the very last minute to review Dreadful Danish Girls who left on August 15. Airbnb told me that I have until 29 August to review them (and boy, do I want to review them!) Here in Spain it’s now 19.31 so by my reckoning I should be able to write a review up till midnight. However, “write a review for Nataszca” has disappeared from my listing.

Oh no, just thought … is 29 August finished in Airbnb’s time?

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Call them and get the exact time in the guest time zone. It has to be in the guest time zone. It is midnight in the guest time zone.

Hi Kona … actually, guest time zone is same as ours (Copenhagen). Have I counted the days wrong? They left on the 15th …

Thanks for instant reply!

If Airbnb uses their corporate time zone (which I think they use the guest’s), it will be August 29 for about 11 more hours.

You can call Air to get the EXACT time.

Thanks @konacoconutz and @sandy2 for the quick replies .

At your suggestions I made my first call to Airbnb Spain and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. A very efficient woman, fluent in both English and Spanish was very clear and helpful and she’s given me her contact number so I can call her in person!

Anyway, not the advice I wanted to hear but here it is, and it does make sense … the review time frame depends on your Check-out time. So as mine was 11a.m. the review time also ends then on the 29th.

Rats … I really wanted to slaughter those girls! So as a consolation prize, can you please direct me to the Bad Guest Lounge?!

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Now this was NOT what I was told by my CSR. Let’s take the example of when I reviewed my party girl who lived in Portland. My check out time was also 11Am. On the last day, I had to submit my review at 8:58 PST, just before 9PM, as we are three hours behind Portland and it worked???

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