When does the NEW TYPE of Superhost voucher expire?

When does the NEW type of voucher expire where the system lets us pick between free photography OR a travel voucher?
I understand that vouchers that are sent automatically expire after 1 year.

We have until 12/31/2019 to decide whether to pick the $100 travel voucher OR free photography.
What happens in regards to the expiration date if we pick the voucher as the superhost gift on 12/31/2019? Will it expire the next day, or one year later on 12/31/2020?

Has anybody requested one of the new vouchers, and can look whether the expiration date was 1 year from when the request was made, or 1 year from when the gift was earned?

This would be good to know because it could potentially mean we have close to 2 years to redeem the voucher, as long as we wait until close to the deadline to request the voucher.

I highly doubt it. I read it as both options need to be completed within the year. But if you read it differently why not give AIrbnb a call and ask them.

to be honest I dont know what you are talking about. Free photography? Travel voucher? How did you get these things?