When do you clean for long term guests

Im planning to be a Host and i have questions about cleaning…
everytime guests checkout i will clean and replace beedsheets pillowcase and towels but
for long term guests like more than 3 days…

  • When should i replace the Bedsheets,
    pillowcase, and towels?
  • When should i clean the whole room and cr everyday?

Replace every time you have a guest.

And for 7+ days if you host at home replace linens and towels and clean room every 7 days


I offer my guests to clean and change linen after a week. Most of them prefer to do it themselves. (I have cleaning supplies and a stick vacuum in the shower room, and clean linen in a drawer in the bedroom).

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I offer to clean the room, change the sheets, and replace the towels every 4 days. Some want it done sooner, some are ok with longer. It varies.

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If they are there 7-14 days I don’t clean but for long term quests who stay for a few months I go in and clean every 2 weeks

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I look at the length of the stay - minimum is every 7 days - but if it is a 10 day stay…after 5


also depends if you are a shared home or entire home


wow thank you everyone for fast answers…

Have you looked at Airbnb Help Centre and their community centre @audinos . Lots of useful content there to help those setting up their listing.

no i havent but i will thanks to you :slight_smile:

Me too. I ask guests a) if they’d like me to do it (free of charge) and b) if they say they would, would they prefer me to do it when they are in or out. Often, they say that they don’t need it at all. (Our max stay is three weeks). We have laundry facilities on site so they can do it all themselves if they wish. Or I’ll launder and supply - then they need to make the beds up themselves - whatever they prefer.

I leave three bath towels, 2 - 3 hand towels and two beach towels regardless of the length of stay. There are also two towelling bathrobes. (The apartment sleeps two people only). I always tell guests to let me know if they need anything and very rarely a guest has asked for more towels - probably twice in the last three years or so.

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I change the linens after 7 days. I maybe would offer a cleaning, however, you may want to inspect the space first. My only long term guests were from out of the country and had a tremendous amount of luggage, clothes, stuff, and just random clutter. I did not offer a cleaning as I thought it would be almost impossible given all the items in the unit.

is it okay if i just clean everytime a guest checks out
and for longer than 7 days i’ll give them new linen and towel once a week and at the same time collects used linen and towel?

Really, anything you decide to do is “OK” if it suits you and your guests. When I used to run a “traditional” B&B I cleaned every day - can’t think how I managed it! When we started with Airbnb 3 years ago I stopped doing that and offered a “room refresh” and linen change mid-stay to guests staying more than 7 days, twice if they stay 10-14 days. Now I’ve become even lazier and just change towels after 4 days and cleaning only for over 7 days.
And tbh that’s mostly for my own convenience to check it’s not got too messy, as others have said. I haven’t noticed any change in guest satisfaction with all of my different regimes, though I do think it’s nice to clean after 7 days and guests seem inordinately pleased to see a nice, freshly made bed …