When do I get the payout for a cancelled reservation?

We have a strict policy and when someone cancels we get 50% of the total. Does anyone have experience on when this is paid out? I just assumed it would be ‘the day after check in’ but that seems silly since they are not actually checking in.

This happened to me recently. I contacted airbnb explained the guest had cancelled at 8:00 pm on the night of arrival and I had a strict policy. They asked if I would give her a refund to which I said no. This was four days later. 30 mins after the conversation they paid. I’m guessing the guest was trying to get a refund.

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@Shanghai Thanks! Calling Air BNB now.

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I think it was @konacoconutz who said you should save their number in your phone for emergencies. Great advice.

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I’ve also been paid pretty much straight away after a manual cancellation handled by AirBnB. Not sure if that’s still the case when the guest cancels it through the system themselves though.

I once had a cancellation, and I got the money 1 day after the check-in date, just like normal bookings

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Yeah, that’s how it has worked for us.

Yes, thats what Air BNB said when I called, the day after the guest would have checked in

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I just found out yesterday that if they do a long term booking and pay through Alipay, they don’t have to pay at all. My guest changed her reservation the day before payment day because she found her own apartment and then literally snuck out of the house. When I called airbnb they told me she paid through Alipay and it was up to her to approve each payment. So of course I am out the whole remaining payment. I have contacted airbnb but from what I have been reading on here, I’m screwed either way. No one will pay me the money.

Be warned about long term bookings and anyone paying with Alipay.

Hello. I’ve just had my first ever cancellation. It was almost 2 months away so I’m hopeful it will get filled. They commented: sorry we had a mix up with dates, so clearly not Covid related. We have a strict policy so I’m assuming we’ll receive 50% of that even if I get another booking; but why can I not see the refund in my Upcoming Payouts list? Will I still receive a refund if it becomes rebooked? New territory for me. Would value your thoughts/experience. Thank you :blush: