When Canadians use CC to pay U.S. host via PayPal, is the fee 3%?

trying to figure out what fees a Canadian guest needs to cover. I see on the paypal site that international fees are higher than 3% but not sure if Canada is considered international via the US in this regard?

Canadians are non-U.S. and the PayPal fee to process non-U.S. credit card accounts recently went up to 4.5%.

My friend in Canada insisted on sending me money for my birthday and the only thing we could find was PayPal but they took a HUGE chunk.

Side note, be careful of paypal, they now have a feature that will pull money out of the bank accounts you have linked, without telling you!!

They shouldn’t take anything as long as you select ‘I’m sending money to friends and family’. I’ve been sending money to US on PayPal since 2008 and only paid charges in the very early days.


So it sounds like if Canadians pay U.S cash (via their bank accounts ) there’s no fee, is that correct – and If they use credit card, there’s a 4.5% fee?

If they pay cash (debit card) through PayPal, it’s the same processing fee as a credit card, 4.5%. If they want to send a check/cheque to the host directly, they need to write USD next to the dollar amount so we get it in U.S. funds. They are still charged on their end by their bank for the conversion.